August 31, 2009

Los Angeles Jewelry District - A Beaders Dream AND Nightmare.

First of all, so sorry I didn't get around to posting my weekly Fashionably Friday entry last week. It's been a crazy few weeks with leaving and returning to LA unexpectedly, though I think I am starting to get back into the groove of things. I think...
I have been living in LA for over a year now and have yet to find a jewelry supply store that makes me smile. I have heard all kinds of mixed reviews about the Jewelry District downtown, though have been avoiding it because a.) I didn't want to leave disappointed and b.) though it's not far away mile-wise, LA's traffic and subsequential parking is a nightmare, so just making the 12-mile journey is exhausting and takes the better half of a whole day. That said, this weekend my end of LA (the Valley) has been plagued with crazy amounts of smoke thanks to harboring wildfires, so on Saturday morning the Hubs and I needed a reason to get outta the area. I could think of nothing better than to finally cowgirl-up and make the adventure to the Jewelry District. After facing a fair amount of traffic and not finding the exit Google maps suggested, we drove into the first parking lot we could find and figured we would find where we hoped to go on foot.
LA is both alike and unlike other cities in that downtown itself is only really used by business people on the weekdays. Most of the city life is outside of the city limits. Except Broadway, which used to be the theater district of the West whose theaters are now factory stores (with the exception of the Orpheum). Broadway is bustling with ice cream carts, hole-in-the-wall pharmacies, taco trucks, crappy fast-food restaurants, guys trying to sell CD's on the corner, woman trying to sell something else on the corner, you get where I am going with this. Oh, and Broadway is also home to The Jewelry District itself. Perfect. (I thus didn't take as many pictures as I had planned since it was the kind of hood where you didn't want people to know you were carrying around an expensive electronic gadget. Same goes for the GPS I could have benefited from on my Blackberry. Next time I am going with just a few bills hidden deep within my bra and a good pair of tennis shoes. That's it). That said, we didn't really know where to begin when we started our trek around the hood since every store claimed "Wholesale" and "Unbeatable" prices. The majority of stores seemed to sell jewelry itself rather than jewelry making supplies (no surprise here). We finally found a hole in the wall little bead store (oddly called SSMAGR & MB, so good luck finding it in the phone book! The owners are from Egypt so I assume the name means something having to do with Jewelry in Coptic!) on 7th near Broadway. I had a great conversation with the lady behind the counter, who told me a bigger shop was just down the street a bit. I left with only a strand of emerald glass crystals that cost $12 - my kind of deal. (note: You can click on the name of each store I mention to read my Yelp review on the business). I tried my luck at the next little hole in the wall store next door but only found rude sales people and overpriced beads. Blah. I finally found a store that I have heard alot about - Bella Beads. This place was a little trippy but I left with some good finds, including some gold chain (for which I have been searching high and low for months) and some great rare gemstones and headpins. The location itself, as stated in my Yelp review, is more of a factory store for people with a business license than amateurs like myself, though the lady working there made me feel semi-comfortable! The husband helped me pick out some items for what he is calling my "fall line" and even encouraged me to buy more than I had planned. My kind of guy! At this point, though I had purchased a few good items, I was itching to discover where the real goods laid hidden, and suggested we find the 8th and Maple intersection Yelp deemed as the heart of the Jewelry District. Of course we got lost, and of course I didn't want to bring my Blackberry out to help me find the place since stood out as it was. After about an hour of circling the district in the 100 degree heat, the mecca was in sight: 8th and Maple! According to Google Maps, this intersection is home to about a dozen jewelry supply stores, many of which claim to be the biggest in the city. We started by visiting "Beads and More," which at the time I thought was the best jewelry supply store I had ever seen in my life. Aisles and aisles of gemstones, pearls, glass, Czech, fire-polished, porcelain, wooden, seed, and rare beads. Not only that, but they were all reasonably priced, well organized, and well marked. The only downfall was the sneudy staff who at one point had the nerve to come up to me and ask what my husband was doing sitting in the corner. You can read all about it here :) I left with some really funky gemstone beads, yet with a really bad taste in my mouth thanks to the crappy and intrusive staff. (Haha, note the google maps picture. Wasn't about to whip out my camera in this hood!). The poor husband at this point was dehydrated and ready to melt, but I pushed him enough to visit just one more store (with a little puppy-eyed action and a "pleeeeeeeeeeease!"). We walked down the street and stumbled on a non-marked building that looked promising. I walked in and gasped in disbelief. Poked myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. An actual bead heaven! This store, Athenian Fashions, had it ALL! Aisles and aisles of well organized, thematic, and color coordinated findings galore. The store is divided into three sections: findings, chain, and children's. The findings room: We're talking every size of headpins, spring rings, clasps, etc, and in 4 options - gold, silver, brass, and copper! The stuff literally is stacked from ceiling to floor. They have TONS of charms sold in bulk at SUPER cheap prices - featuring everything from religious charms (sectioned by religion rather than all jumbled together, and including rosary materials!) to a huge selection of skulls! The chain room: is basically my heaven. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for some gold chain and found it BY THE AISLE here! AND - it's all perfectly priced and organized! They not only have silver, gold, yellow gold, copper, and brass colored chains, but also pink, blue, white, green, etc. They also sell them by the ream in addition to by the foot. Amazing. (Note all the gold chain options in a super organized fashion!). The last room was full of what I consider "children's" beads - wooden, plastic, funky, brightly colored, etc. A perfect resource for a teacher or parent! If all this amazingness weren't enough, the staff here were 100% cordial and interactive. I had some great conversations with the gals working there and even gave some of them my card. They also have beautiful sample pieces on display and put your purchases in a nifty reusable jewelry bag! I have found my main jewelry source in LA - and now know how to best get here without getting lost :) Overall, my adventure into the heart of LA's Jewelry District was successful, but not without the blood, sweat, and tears (ok, fine, blood-curdling heat, sweat, and Gatorade) it took to find it's gems. I bought lots of cool items and now know what resources are at my disposal. Now longer do I need to reply on Michael's! Go figure, though, that the next day we swung by the chain craft store for something un-jewelry related to fund that they had just re-structured their whole bead section. There goes that idea! (note my Hub's glee in the newly renovated section - there goes our next paycheck!).
You can read my list of LA Jewelry District reviews here :)

August 26, 2009

I love you, Wednesdays.

Because, seriously, Friday is still 2 days away. I love you, Wednesdays is my bloggin' attempt at a.) shutting up about my products and sharing the love of others' with others! and b.) sharing sources of inspiration that often stands behind my jewelry and creative process. As announced yesterday, I've teamed up with Danielle of DesignGirl for a giveaway this week! I allowed Danielle to chose which item she would like to give away, and she chose one of my Silver Ring word necklaces. Danielle had this to say about the product: I love these necklaces. They are so simple, pretty, and affordable. I think they'd make such a perfect gift! I also love that you can choose the word for your necklace. So, if you haven't had the chance to enter yet, make your way over to DesignGirl's blog and try your chances out! Also, if you purchase anything from my Etsy shop this week and mention DesignGirl's blog, I will throw in a free pair of earrings! That said, today's I love you, Wednesdays has to do with my love for one-worded inspirations, much like the necklace in the giveaway! However, I need to warn you, I don't mean to get preachy with this post, but if talking about faith and religion offends you, I suggest you go right to the giveaway and skip my commentary below! Last week I got the super awful news that my grandma died. She was the last of my remaining grandparents and raised my brother and me growing up so both my parents could work. Though I have mentally been preparing myself for her death since my grandpa died 8 years ago, she was in very good health and had just visited me here in LA 3 weeks ago to see the life my husband and I have recently created for ourselves. As soon as I heard the news, I took the first plane to Kentucky to be with my family, help clean up her apartment, and prepare for her memorial service (and ignored my blog, sadly!). Though I was totally heartbroken that she died so unexpectedly (in her sleep), at the same time I took such comfort in all the support we received from friends of hers and our own, both near and far (even some blogging buddies!). Throughout the whole thing I kept thinking: "What would Grandma think of this?" or "What would Grandma say to comfort us?" She was a hilarious woman from Jersey with a great sense of faith and joy. Though there were so many reasons to cry and be angry at her passing, there were and are more reasons to rejoice in the life she shared with us and how she changed my life forever. Both my husband and dad are pastors. I went to seminary. I've only ever known being part of a solid, caring Christian community (though I have lived and studied in Asia and have a fondness for Buddhism). I could not imagine what my last week (and these still somber weeks that follow) without the support I get from not only caring people (both Christian and non-Christian), but also from scriptures. 1 Corinthians 13 (the chapter that includes the wedding-friendly "Love is patient, love is kind...") says,
"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."
I think this is something my Grandma would remind me of if she saw my grief. Though she is "gone," her greatest aspects are imprinted on my life forever and remain such a part of me - faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these, love, makes it worth the ride. It's amazing how such little words can have such big meanings:
typetypetype, NumericDesign, artsharkdesigns, elenagrace Uturn385, hazelnutcottage, mortiedoodles, PianoBenchDesigns pinkpalmstudio, tiffysart, circlelinestudio, agraceunlimited Don't hesitate to click on the links to the corresponding Etsy shops to see the items in close up - they are all inspiring!
So, what inspires, or even comforts, you today?

August 25, 2009

We're Back - and with a Giveaway!

Hi, y'all. Glad you have stuck with me despite my being MIA for the past week. I had to get out of town because of a death in the family, and as much as I wanted to blog while on the road, it seemed impossible (and I didn't really have any words left in me to type, anyway). So, forgive me, please? ::quick hug:: Whew - thanks! As a way of saying "We're Back!" -- let's have a giveaway!! I found DesignGirl's website a few weeks back and just had to ask her if she would consider joining forces for a giveaway. She not only obliged, but was very patient in my sudden absence as we communicated via my Blackberry. After a few suggestions she chose this necklace to giveaway, and I couldn't be happier with the result! So what are you waiting for? Click here to enter the giveaway! But don't sit around and wait for too long, this awesome giveaway ends on Monday, Aug 31st!

August 14, 2009

Fashionably Friday: Statement Necklaces Gone Wrong

I think I got in over my head when I started investigating designer statement necklaces gone bad for today's Fashionably Friday post. I originally intended to just post some pictures I found of fugly statement necklaces from Project Rungay's blog (I know I have told you before how much I just adore this blog, right?). Then I thought I would look up the designers listed to see if the items they feature on the runway translate to the items they offer on their websites. Yes, and um, yes. I found more outta control statement necklaces that I could handle, resulting in lots of images on my computer and not enough time or space in just one blog post to handle them. So be prepared for similar posts in the future (I envision reviewing individual designers one at a time)... but for now, I'll stick to just these few. Tom and Lorenzo (from Project Rungay, seriously, check the site out) posted last spring that statement necklaces are in and looking good. Except for these - the fellas really, really didn't care for these. Take a look for yourself and comment on which you do and don't dig. I of course will be doing the same (really? Christyn sharing her opinion? NO!!)... All images can be found here.
It's supposed to be a fashion NECKLACE, not a fashion COMPOST HEAP. Marni
Anyone else getting vibes from Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters in this one? Viktor & Rolf
Oh whew! THAT's where my grandma's soap dish went! Stella McCartney
The 80's called. They want their shredded t-shirt back. Marc by Marc Jacobs
A perfect solution for mothers with children who keep losing their art supplies... Louis Vuitton
So glad that all those doilies Grandma taught me how to knit finally paid off! Lanvin
Just in case you forgot your knob for the power switch down at the plant, I brought a backup. Emilio Pucci
I don't know what's worse - the necklace, the awful collar on the shirt that's under the necklace, of those Swedish shepherdess curls this chick has going on! Bottega Veneta
Hey guys! I just got back from the natural rock and gemstone show and bought this in the sale section! Chanel
Thankfully I had extra tile samples left over from when we remodeled our kitchen... Burberry Prorsum
So my daughter took this bead weaving class at JoAnn fabrics last week and made me this! Anna Sui
The aliens have landed. Christian Dior
What's even more horrifying is that from this list of "horrifying" necklaces, I foud myself liking many of them and couldn't bring myself to including them on my "wtf" list! I copied them to include in the post and, after a few double takes, couldn't bear to rip them apart! We'll get to that next time! In the meantime, get the angst from your week out and comment on these doozies! And have a happy weekend, y'all!

August 12, 2009

I love you, Wednesdays.

Because, seriously, Friday is still 2 days away. I love you, Wednesdays is my bloggin' attempt at a.) shutting up about my products and sharing the love of others' with others! and b.) sharing sources of inspiration that often stands behind my jewelry and creative process. It's been a great week here at the Bead Up house. For starters, last week's Fashionably Friday post got me some great "press." As usual, I posted the link to the new blog entry on both my personal Facebook and my Bead Up Facebook accounts. Within minutes of posting the entry that features Project Runway's Korto Momolu, I got a status update letting me know that Korto herself "liked" the blog post! I immediately friended her on Facebook (it was the real her) and she accepted. And if it couldn't get cooler, I noticed that some of my blog traffic was coming from HER professional website - turns out she listed my blog entry as the first listing of "PRESS" reviews on her website! Holy moley - the power of Facebook (I still am determined to one day do a blog entry on how Facebook has been vital to my shop's success)! Check out Korto's press section of her website here! And to add to the coolness, I e-mailed her on Facebook thanking her for the feature and asked if she bought beads online and if so, where. Here is what she had to say: "I actually get some cool bead finds on amazon. But I am a touchy feely kinda girl so I stock up everytime I go to nyc. Littlerock has really great bead stores too, that's where I still live. Loved the post and I always show love for my positive bloggers! U will def love my new collection of jewelry since it pays homage to my pr finale pieces so I will let you know when I load them. It'll be right before pr allstars. Thanks again and let's stay in touch I'll keep a lookout for beadsites for ya. ~Korto" Doesn't get any cooler than that, my friends. Ahhhh... Though the good vibes keep rolling in. The giveaway I hosted with Today's Giveaway a few weeks ago went really well, and one of my previous customers won the pair of earrings! Karen even went as far as to write a glowing review about the earrings she won on her own blog - be sure to check it out (thanks, friend!). Since finding Today's Giveaway and other similar sights I have taken a liking to entering every giveaway I can find that offers products I dig. Well, wouldn't you know, I won 2 giveaways this week! The first was from the website in which I held the giveaway just days earlier - turns out I won an oven mit and potholder set from the super cute shop "The Cherry on Top." Sweet! And if that couldn't get any better, I got an e-mail yesterday telling me that I won yet another giveaway, this time on Fabulous Fun Finds' giveaway blog! I am actually thrilled I won this one because I was very tempted to buy the item anyway - it's a camera strap! And not any camera strap - but a Amy Butler fabric camera strap! Great prints + photography + free = LOVE! I am actually in love with Amy Butler's prints. Maybe even in lust. I swear, this women knows both color and the history of floral prints, as she has MASTERED pulling them all together without going the tacky 60's route. I am beyond inspired every time I see her print in use - she forces me to re-think color combination and even manages to make pastel pink HOT! Her website itself is inspirational, as she makes a point to include an INSPIRATION section filled with pictures and photo shoot snapshots. Additionally, her site also includes FREE downloadable sewing and craft patterns to be used with her beautiful printed paper and fabric. It's love.
I dedicate this I Love You, Wednesday to you, Ms. Butler, for your rad sense of style and for gracing the world with your visions! (Above is an example of some of her prints - I ordered the camera strap in pink... also as a way to irritate my husband when I ask him to hold my camera - which happens a lot!). It of course comes to no surprise that Amy Butler's fabrics are all over Etsy, and sometimes in the most unusual ways...HazelnutDesigns, sweetirie, theprinttree, PersnicketyHome KatiebugBoutique, downstairsDesigns, ImogensGarden, BeanPickleSprout jrene, littleellie, littleellie, JiJis girlbyAileen, ByJudianne, littleellie, BeanPickleSprout
Let's see - Eye Spy a baby blanket, a crayon rollup, a kitchen towel, and iPod holder, and a pot holder! Make sure you visit their Etsy shops for Amy Butler amazing-ness!
So, what inspires you today?

August 10, 2009


So my mom sent me a bag of beads a few weeks ago and asked that I make her a necklace out of it's contents. Usually I wouldn't mind such a challenge, until I saw the beads. Hematite. Now, not to step on any one's toes, but let it be know that I am not a fan of hematite. I actually can't stand the stuff. Something about it just screams rave, or 7th grade magnetic bracelets, or fake and trying too hard, or just plain tacky tacky tacky. I would usually feel inclined to apologize for my coarse opinion, but I won't. I just can't pull myself into liking this stone. And don't think I didn't tell my mother this, either. I was pretty blunt with her as to my opinion of the beads and the centerpiece she provided for a necklace. Her reaction? "If you are really good at your craft, you will make something nice out of this, whether you like it or not. See it as an artistic challenge." Fine, I will. Mom said she liked wire wrapped beads and necklaces that fall at the collarbone. Sunday night I finally locked myself in my craft room (which I rarely use thanks to the card table in the living room) so as not to get distracted and to finally finish this necklace. I came up with this:You can see the matching bracelet in the background. I didn't even like the look of it when I was wire wrapping it, but when I put it on to measure for length and looked in the mirror, the thing looked more sophisticated than I had imagined. Huh. I kind of like it after all. KIND OF. Meanwhile, I made a few other things out of "leftovers" this week. A friend of mine from seminary is pregnant with twins and has been ordered to be on bed rest until December. Worst of all, she already has a 3 year old at home and her husband is in the military and has to spend the summer at base in Colorado Springs. I just had to spread the love with this lovely and very strong gal, so I looked around my supplies and noticed two "leftover" word rings that had never sold.I figured that, together, these two rings represent the two babies in her womb that can't show their appreciation yet! I hope my friend will wear it as a reminder that she is doubly appreciated and that her babies especially appreciate all that she has sacrificed for them! I have renewed several similar items on my Etsy site if you are interested. These rings are available in an assortment of styles and come in the words "Joy," "Faith," "Honesty," "Respect," "Appreciate," and "Harmony."
Lastly, look who is featured in another treasury?! Check it out today before it expires! Thanks, Ettarose!Note: mine is of the 314 kind!
I made this and this Pi necklace for my sorority sisters and have sold 2 to non-ADPi's, including a customer in Spain! Etsy never ceases to amaze me! And finally, last week's giveaway went really well. So well, in fact, that my friend Karen, who happened to win, wrote a lovely little summary of her giveaway experience on her blog! Check it out here!

August 7, 2009

Fashionably Friday: Korto Momolu

Shows like Project Runway, Fashion Show, and even America's Next Top Model have proved to me that just because someone knows how (or claims they know how) to dress others doesn't mean they know how to dress themselves (we addressed this topic a bit last week, but no worries, there is plenty more where that came from later!). Some designers, on the other hand, not only know how to dress themselves and others, but they also know how accessorize with mad style. Today's subject: Korto Momolu from Project Runway's Season 5 (PR returns in 2 weeks! AHHH!). From the start, I found myself digging Korto's style, both on and off the runway. Having lived in Liberia, Korto definitely has an African influenced wardrobe and design sense (ie: bold, chunky, colorful, etc). She also has an amazing comprehension for fit and flattery when it comes to her clothing - and somehow manages to make her jewelry only flatter the figure even more! Love, love, love her style (click on all the pictures in this post for their sources!)
Let's look at some of Korto's jewelry from Fashion Week in Bryant Park last fall:
Holy mother that is one hot necklace. The dress is of course beautiful, but I must say, the necklace MAKES IT. I am a bit in love with teal/emerald this summer, and wish I had a reason to indulge in a dress like this (anyone else think it would make a FAB bridesmaids dress?)!
This necklace totally steals the show of this outfit (which is a bit too eclectic for my personal wardrobe, but totally within my taste. Although, I am thinking it could look a bit 80's prom dress if you take away the necklace...?). I am spotting Thai silver and genuine gemstones on this beautifully and culturally styled piece. And who else recognized the model from America's Next Top Model, Cycle 9 contestant, Biannca Golden?
This one isn't just some necklace on top of a dress - it's part of the dress! I will admit, I have been collecting big, bold wooden beads in hopes that one day I will have the time and courage to attempt to make a halter with the beads as the straps. I'll get to it, ya know, when I have 36 hours in a day and endless energy and creative gusto (right, one of THOSE projects!). It's no surprise that Korto's jewelry was as big of a hit on the runway as her clothing itself. Of the experience, she says, "I get a lot compliments on my jewelry and handbags and it's actually something that started as a hobby. I took this jewelry class here and I started making earrings for myself and so many people asked about them, so I decided to start making them to sell and that kind of took off like that. I didn't want jewelry in my collection that looked generic. I wanted to use African beads, I also used Thai silver... I felt it really represented who I was as a designer. The judges weren't all the way impressed with it but I stood by my jewelry and I put them on those models and I figured somebody out there would love it. You just have to do what you want in the final, that's your one chance to do and if you hold back you will always regret it. I spent a lot of time making that jewelry so I wasn't going to not put it in just because the judges didn't like it and I'm glad a lot of people took to it so that tells me that the people who matter will buy it." (see the full interview here). Korto has thus added jewelry design to her collection, and is selling lots of it online. But, I am finding myself torn on her online collection. On one hand, I am super proud that she is insightful enough to see that her jewelry collection was a big enough hit to warrant it's own line, but the stuff for sale on her website isn't really as amazing as her jewelry as featured on her final runway show, or even my favorite Project Runway source, ProjectRungay. (The one on the right is one of the better pieces from her collection that actually resembles what she made before, but I feel that the rest of them miss the mark. Check them out here). The following pieces, however, were showcased in an interview with Korto. One word: breathless. Of her work, Korto told Zimbio: Inspiration: "I tried to do a follow-up on the few pieces that I got to show at Fashion Week. They’re very much Asian and African inspired and it’s a fusion between these two ethnic cultural backgrounds that I really love. I found myself always doing things that are Asian inspired." Colors: "I used a lot of the bright colors that I love to use. The ocean greens, really beautiful yellows, purples, and hot fuchsia pinks. Very vivid colors, fun colors, happy colors…those are the colors I really love." Materials: "I use a lot of African beads as well as a lot of things made out of resin because my necklaces tend to be chunky and bulky, so I try to use materials that are not as heavy as using the actual stones and metals. A lot of glass beads. Some of the beads are from Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania. I love texture, there’s a lot of texture, my variation of textures, in all the pieces. I love turquoise. I also used feathers in some of the designs, I’ve always loved feathers and there are many different variations of feather earrings, so I thought “How can I make mine different?” I like the chains and the feathers. It has a soft and a hard feel to it. They’re made out of silver." So, who wants to go on a trip to Kenya with yours truely to buy some African beads? Anyone, anyone?
Have a great weekend, lovies!

August 5, 2009

I love you, Wednesdays.

Because, seriously, Friday is still 2 days away. I love you, Wednesdays is my bloggin' attempt at a.) shutting up about my products and sharing the love of others' with others! and b.) sharing sources of inspiration that often stands behind my jewelry and creative process. Summer's a beach, right? I mean that in the nicest way possible :) If I were to ask the question, "What symbol comes to mind when you think of summer" on Family Fued, I am will to put money on something beach related being one of the top answers (ding ding ding!). And I wish I could say that I would prefer basking in that top answer in my spare time on the weekends and be perfectly happy. "But Christyn," you implore, "You live in Los Angeles? Isn't love of the beach a requirement for residency?" Good, insightful question, my blogging friend. I, in fact, don't really care for the beach. Well, let me rephrase that, I enjoy spending a few hours on the beach when it's a perfect 78 degree sunny day and there is no traffic. And no trash on the beach. And no loud, drunken people getting in the way of my view. And no public toliets to endure. And no sunburn (I am a born-red head - there is ALWAYS a sunburn involved). And the long drive through Los Angeles traffic just to get 10 miles to the nearest beach (which, to me, is Malibu). And the feeling of utter exhaustion when I get home. I would much rather spend my time at home in the air conditioning making jewelry that reminds me of the beach than spending time on the subject of the jewelry itself. Call me crazy. In fact, I really do enjoy beach-related art/items/jewelry - much better than the beach itself (cause, let's face it, a cute necklace won't bite me nor requires that I use a sandy, dirty public toilet!). Lately I have been really fascinated with the contrast of delicate gold and the cream white of shells or pearls, like the gold sand dollar necklace on the right (which is being used in wedding as bridesmaids necklaces for the second time this summer!). I am also digging red coral and turquoise color combination, as seen in this "Under 'da Sea" pearl and coral necklace (above). These fun little necklaces make enjoying the beach so much cleaner and less time consuming -- plus I don't have to embrace LA weekend traffic in order to enjoy them! I actually have sand dollar and sea horse charms at home that I have yet to play with, and LOTS of shells in which I need the husband to drill holes into so I can use them as charms!
Etsy is full of good Beachin' products - especially products in the color scheme I am digging - reds, teals, and creams! These colors alone, let alone when they represent all that is "simple" and artistic about the beach, totally inspire me to stay indoors and create! Go figure!
LuckyBluebirdArt, seasonaldelights, pillowhappy oliodesigns, pillowhappy, dedeetsyshop thetrendytot, beachgrasscottage, pillowhappy
I think it's safe to say that I have a bit of a crush on Pillowhappy - cause, come on, what great accent pieces! If only drooling over these items could get me a tan... So, what inspires you today?