August 14, 2009

Fashionably Friday: Statement Necklaces Gone Wrong

I think I got in over my head when I started investigating designer statement necklaces gone bad for today's Fashionably Friday post. I originally intended to just post some pictures I found of fugly statement necklaces from Project Rungay's blog (I know I have told you before how much I just adore this blog, right?). Then I thought I would look up the designers listed to see if the items they feature on the runway translate to the items they offer on their websites. Yes, and um, yes. I found more outta control statement necklaces that I could handle, resulting in lots of images on my computer and not enough time or space in just one blog post to handle them. So be prepared for similar posts in the future (I envision reviewing individual designers one at a time)... but for now, I'll stick to just these few. Tom and Lorenzo (from Project Rungay, seriously, check the site out) posted last spring that statement necklaces are in and looking good. Except for these - the fellas really, really didn't care for these. Take a look for yourself and comment on which you do and don't dig. I of course will be doing the same (really? Christyn sharing her opinion? NO!!)... All images can be found here.
It's supposed to be a fashion NECKLACE, not a fashion COMPOST HEAP. Marni
Anyone else getting vibes from Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters in this one? Viktor & Rolf
Oh whew! THAT's where my grandma's soap dish went! Stella McCartney
The 80's called. They want their shredded t-shirt back. Marc by Marc Jacobs
A perfect solution for mothers with children who keep losing their art supplies... Louis Vuitton
So glad that all those doilies Grandma taught me how to knit finally paid off! Lanvin
Just in case you forgot your knob for the power switch down at the plant, I brought a backup. Emilio Pucci
I don't know what's worse - the necklace, the awful collar on the shirt that's under the necklace, of those Swedish shepherdess curls this chick has going on! Bottega Veneta
Hey guys! I just got back from the natural rock and gemstone show and bought this in the sale section! Chanel
Thankfully I had extra tile samples left over from when we remodeled our kitchen... Burberry Prorsum
So my daughter took this bead weaving class at JoAnn fabrics last week and made me this! Anna Sui
The aliens have landed. Christian Dior
What's even more horrifying is that from this list of "horrifying" necklaces, I foud myself liking many of them and couldn't bring myself to including them on my "wtf" list! I copied them to include in the post and, after a few double takes, couldn't bear to rip them apart! We'll get to that next time! In the meantime, get the angst from your week out and comment on these doozies! And have a happy weekend, y'all!


  1. OMG. I never thought I would be terrified by jewelry but some of those can cause some serious damage. These are some great pictures of statement necklaces gone wrong. My only question is what is with the weird flying alien earring with the Christian DIor necklace?

  2. Haha - that's your ONLY question?!

  3. TLo at Project Rungay put together my favorite blog of all time. They are a hoot, and so was this. Tanks!

  4. OH. MY. Uh?? Chatty me. is. speechless. And that is supposed to dictate what is fashionable for us??? Huh??

    Those "statement necklaces" aside, your post was FUN and I look forward to more! :>

  5. I quite liked the shell, I'd have a coloured one though. And the aliens, I wear alien earrings now, so a necklace to match might be great!

  6. I saw a great collection of beads for sale on someone's etsy and thought I'd pass the link on to you. They look to be really beautiful, and I bet you'd make some really great pieces with them. I enjoy the blog (I'm a good friend of Chrissy, she's the one who turned me on to you) and am thinking of having you do some custom earrings for me in the future, but not for awhile. I'll contact you through your etsy when I'm ready. Anyway, beads!
    Dunno if those are good prices, but they look just beautiful!

  7. OMG These were great! My favorite is granma's soapdish. Being the weird sort of girl I am, I'd would wear joker with a matching shell-theme bikini top. Guess that should be in color, though, huh? And opaque?

  8. Hello, I really wanted to leave a comment for you, to say how cool it's been having a read of your posts and looking at your pictures today.

    Really enjoyed my visit - you write really well !

    Best wishes and thank you.

  9. that last one is scary


  10. I knew there was a reason I missed you while I was gone. This list is priceless. You crack me up. Thanks, doll!

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