July 2, 2010

Stocking up at the LA Jewelry District!

Knowing it would be one of my last times in LA for awhile, I made SEVERAL trips to the jewelry district to stock up for my Fall Line and whatever is to follow thereafter! I went a month before we moved and stocked up... but then went back a few weeks later and stocked up again... and after making the 200 necklaces sale, I went back when I was in town one last time and fully stocked up - again! That makes 3 full stock up trips - which resulted in these:
::and gemstones!::
::and turquoise!::
::and crystals!::
::and findings - oh my!::

In addition to stocking up on jewelry for my fall line, moving cross country, planning my hub's ordination, and making those 200 necklaces I mentioned last week, I made sure I didn't forget one of the most important tasks on my list -- an outfit (and coordination jewelry!) for myself to wear to the ordination event! I found a chic pink dress with a high collar early long before the event and the move (on sale at Macy's!), and topped it off with my hub's black tie as a sash and some CUTE Steve Madden shoes! I knew I needed to make a fun and bold necklace to coordinate. During one of my many re-stocking trips downtown, I spotted some pearls and immediately knew what to do... here is the final outfit! (Sorry that picture to the right is ghetto-tastic, it's the only one I have of the whole outfit)!

Sue's necklace looks like mine - because I custom made it for her last year!

And on a final note, I finally got a job here in KC! I will be serving as a chaplain at a large Trauma Level 1 hospital downtown - and the best part is that it doesn't start until September! Which means I have between now and then to totally tackle all these supplies I have accumulated and make a killer Fall Line! Yeehaw! Here are a few previews of the line, in a semi-4th of July fashion!
Yee-haw Cowgirl It Up necklace on Etsy

The Chuck: All-Star necklace on Etsy

Happy 4th of July!


  1. Your outfit is fantastic, and I really want to roll in those beads. You know what I mean.

  2. What stash! They are sooo colourful. Love your necklace and outfit :) T.

  3. First of all, I love your cranberry and yellow raisin necklace from the ordination - looks fabulous!

    And the colors for your fall line ... I think I'm in love. I'm also thinking I might need to commission you to make me a necklace that replicates the colors we're going to have in the nursery (turquoise, lime green and orange). Thoughts?!

  4. First, congratulations to you and your husband! I'm from Los Angeles and I think I know the district you're speaking of--off of Santee Alley right? I get a lot of my doll supplies there as well. Isn't it wonderful that they've put a bathroom in that place? And I've been to the wholesale bead stores there, too. I don't make jewelry but it sure does tempt me. They all look candy and I run my fingers through most of it which irks the owners.

  5. great scores! LOVE the LA jewelry district! I am lucky to live here again! whenever i live too far from it I start to REALLY miss it ;)

  6. Love all the deep colors on the necklaces.

  7. Lots of pretty candy, I mean beads!

  8. love, LOVE the chuck taylor necklace.

  9. Oh my, that is a whole lotta bead goodness!! And I know you'll design fabulous pieces with them! :>

    When I first saw the pics, I was scouting out your necklace, 'cause I *knew* you would design something uber fabulous for yourself....and you did not disappoint! Love all that dancing color and love that you used Hans tie as a sash!

  10. I'm sooo jealous of your gorgeous finds! Have fun playing with it all :)

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