June 20, 2012

Long time, no blog

Though the Bead Up shop is still alive and well, the Bead Up blog has been put on the back burner. Sad, as I have really enjoyed the community and outlet that this blog has provided, but I am happy for the reason behind the vacancy: I am pregnant :) We are so stinkin' thrilled and have been cherishing every moment. That said, though Bead Up is still filling orders and making custom pieces, I have switched my "journaling" focus from this blog to my pregnancy journal (and working a very full time job). I am sure I will be back soon enough, but in the meantime, I miss you all and this venue of creativity and keeping my favorites updates about my jewelry journey. 

That said, I leave you with a parting gift in the meanwhile: GIVEAWAY! One of my bloggin' friends from LA is hosting a Bead Up product giveaway - take a moment to enter to win this fun necklace. Thanks again, Linny! 

Thanks so much for your understanding in my absence. You are loved and missed! 


  1. Ahh, congrats! I've also got my first bun in the oven! Due at the end of September! Amazing, terrifying and exciting, isn't it?! :) You look great and I wish you well in EVERYTHING!

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