June 17, 2009

I love you, Wednesdays.

Because, seriously, Friday is still 2 days away. I love you, Wednesdays is my bloggin' attempt at a.) shutting up about my products and sharing the love of others' with others! and b.) sharing sources of inspiration that often stands behind my jewelry and creative process. Summer is in the air. At least technically. LA has been gloomy and gray for the month of June, also known as "June gloom." People here rejoice because it means a thinner electrical bill at the end of the month. I sign because it reminds me of living in the Midwest and the gray that surrounded the landscape year round there. Call me a snob, or what have you, but I prefer sunshine! With summer comes beautiful flowers and veggies and birdies and insects and weeds. Ugh, weeds. A gardener's bain of existence. Unless you LIKE the way some weeds look. For example, the DANDELION. I HEART this "weed." I heart it because it is a work of geometrical art. It's so architecturally perfect, yet so vulnerable at the same time. I heart dandelions because they represent freedom and youth and letting things go. I heart it because it represents delicacy, yet at the same time it is strong - as soon as you mow it down it comes right back up! I heart dandelions because they represent new life and possibility - it's purpose is to reseed the land and then transform to a yellow pom flower. With a dandelion in my hand as a kid I always felt like I had power - for wherever I blew it's white frills I knew that it would result in a frustrated homeowner the next summer with too many weeds in their front lawn! Call it investing in your future.
(picture is of a screen print I bought at IKEA - I, of course, had to paint my own dancelions on it!)
I don't care what the neighbors think, I am keeping my dandelions this year (and may even blow them into others' yards just to share the joy!). Apparently other Etsy sellers see the beauty in dandelions, too - check out these great products I found! So, what inspires you today?


  1. AnonymousJune 17, 2009

    Very profound! This blog entry will have me pondering for awhile! Thanks for sharing :-) I will now look at dandelions in a whole new light

  2. I love it! Thank you so much for including my photograph.

  3. I love dandelion!!! I always have! Why they are such less lover?? (hum.. I'm not sure it's how I'm suppose to said that.. I speak french so very sorry :o)

  4. Dandelions are a beautiful thing, as long as they are in someone else's lawn! I love the intricate detail in the seed - beauty in the details. Thank you for including mine. =)

  5. Lovely feature. Appreciate it :)

  6. So, obviously, you would just 'heart' our backyard lawn, as it is full of the lovely Dandies! Lately, I've been bribing the kids every time they want to play on the wii or some other reward (aka 'Tom and Jerry' on On Demand!) to go out back and pick ten yellow flowers. While it will not rid the backyard of the dandie that is taking over, but maybe, just maybe it will keep it from spreading. Please?

    On a note of beauty though, I do love exactly what you described.....softness, whispiness, a breeze through the air combined with hardiness, strength, and a sureness to survive. But, as a homeowner, whose backyard lawn has succumbed to these persevering beasts, I will continue to love them......but, only out in open fields! :>:>

    Love that you painted on your own Dandies onto that graphic print! :>

  7. Adorable post! I love dandilions, so soft and delicate!

    Re your comment: love any kind, high tops or low, it just depends on what I'll be wearing! ^-^


  8. I think what will inspire me today is that it's not raining here in NJ. Hopefully the nicer weather will make me feel more creative.