June 24, 2009

I love you, Wednesdays.

Because, seriously, Friday is still 2 days away.
I love you, Wednesdays is my bloggin' attempt at a.) shutting up about my products and sharing the love of others' with others! and b.) sharing sources of inspiration that often stands behind my jewelry and creative process. In honor of my wedding anniversary coming up, this Wednesday I am lovin' my favorite color/design scheme: Black and White polka dots and Red Roses. Thankfully I am not alone, look at these great finds! I would like to say that, for the record, I am pretty sure I STARTED the polka dot fad. Really. I started buying/making polka dot things back in 2003 - long before Target's One-Spot was exploding with Polka Dot stationary or the scrapbook stores saw the value of investing in everything dotty. Before he even asked, I told the Hubs that I would only marry him if he was cool with a black and white polka dot wedding (with red roses). He figured that, since he was the dude, he wasn't allowed to have a say anyway, and thus gladly obliged. Haha - sweet. At first finding polka dot things for the wedding was hard. Then the rest of America caught onto MY fad and we had stuff coming out of our ears. For the Christmas before our wedding, about 9 out of every 10 gifts I received had something to do with dots or red roses. Even our engagement party theme - and cake - was black and white polka dot themed (made by my dear friend Kris, click here to see the website I created for his cake business!). Before long we had more than enough black and white polka dot napkins, plates, cards, ribbons, even stamps. And when people heard of our theme and saw something dotty there after, guess whose house it ended up in? Don't get me wrong, I was totally grateful for all that we had been given. But it spun out of control after awhile and before we knew it, I had more dots than I knew what to do with. I had three wedding showers and an engagement party - all polka dots and red rose themes. Thankfully the dots weren't too out of control during the wedding - and no one told me they were seeing spots by the time the party was over! Here are a few of my favs:
I wore a Target swimsuit cover-up dress the day of my wedding and matching b/w polka dot flip flops! And yes, that's a fuzzy bride/groom hat on my head. Don't ask.
For their gift, we gave each groomsman a dotted tie with their initials monogrammed on the bottom.
A few ladies from church decided to make us a quilt with Black and White quilt squares, each signed by a wedding guest! The finished quilt now hangs in my craft room and is BEAUTIFUL!
The tables were adorned with real roses in vases, rose petals, rose candies, favors, one-use cameras, and polka dot napkins. Overload yet?
My mom spent months making these faux red rose balls for the white chairs going up the aisle. After the ceremony we brought them into the reception hall and put them on the head table. Two for one! (photo by good friend Josh)
We also had a retro photo booth at our reception, which turned out to be one of the main attractions of the evening! I provided the scrapbook materials, and everyone put at least one of their snapshots from the booth into a scrapbook right there, which became our guest book! (spread the love at their website!)
This is what happens when you have a scarf and photo frames you don't know what to do with.
I even tried to show the black and white lovin' in our outfits. We requested that the guests all wear black and white, which turned out perfectly and added an extra dimension of fun. Everyone looked great! Especially my saucy bridesmaids! (photo by Corey - click on his link to see more of our wedding pictures featured on his front page!)
So, what colors inspire you today?


  1. I absolutely love your theme! I might just have to borrow it if I ever decide to tie the knot! Gorgeous and I especially love the table setting and the Cake does rock! Thanks for selecting my rose photo, "Passionate Faith"!

  2. Your blog is too cute. Thanks for the feature and everyone's items look perfect! :)


  3. your wedding theme is awesome! i LOVE the cake!

    thank you so much for featuring my Love print too!


  4. Love this!!!! Probably one of the best wedding photos I've seen. Love the polka dot! :)

  5. what a tight, pulled-together theme you had! gorgeous :) and no, no overload...i can't get enough of polka dots myself!

    thanks for the feature :)

  6. Your cake? Is GORGEOUS! I love the black and white theme. And love that you stuck to the colors but went wild with the design. Love love love your style, girl!

    Me? I'm loving green lately. Though, throw in a little orange and I'm a pretty darn happy lady!

  7. OH my goodness, can't handle how cute all of those polka dots are!!!

  8. Love the dots! Love the colors! I want one of those photo booths as well... I'm even going to put money aside for it!

    Great post!


  9. wow, that is some serious devotion to black, white and polka dots. your wedding pics are gorgeous!