August 27, 2010

Party Time and Giveaway Winner!

My Second Annual Cupcakes, Cocktails, and Creations Party is TOMORROW! Yee-haw! We have been preparing for the better part of 2 months now (literally) and there is lots to do around the house today -- you can tell a party is about to happen because I have all kinds of signs on the walls and the house is actually clean ;) Here is a sneak peak:
(the party is in the basement, so there are signs all over the house directing people to the bathroom, the kitchen, and the massage room!)
Flavors will be according to their wrapper (or lack thereof) - 4 kids and lots of toppings from which to choose!
My mom painted this while she was in town - it will go in front of the house with balloons!
Love my gift wrapping a' la Chinese to-go boxes! Thanks to the hubby for putting them all together!
The craft room is a mess. 
And of course...
... the house smells like cupcakes!
So here's to another great party! Hopefully I will be able to blog about it shortly after it happens - I start my new job as a hospital chaplain on Monday and have no clue what "free time" will look like thereafter!

Also, thanks to everyone who entered my 2nd Etsy Anniversary giveaway! The post generated my highest turnout yet - over 160 entries! After using Random Number Generator, the winner is #87 - Sherry! Congrats Sherry and thanks to everyone who entered and shared your thoughts on my shop - they are much appreciated!


  1. It's all becoming more clear ... this craftiness you have ... your mom shared some of hers with you! Have a great weekend and a very successful party!

  2. Everything looks great, I'm sure everyone's going to have a blast!

  3. Congrats to Sherry and Kudos to you for a fantastic party! Love the makes me want to come! (Now, if only the dozen states in between would momentarily scatter or even better, if I could snap my fingers or click my heels to make it happen! lol) Have a great one, Christyn!! :>

  4. Christyn, I am getting in my car NOW and will be at the party in about 12 hours, k??! Don't start without me! Looks like so much fun!!

  5. Your craft room looks great mind is a complete disaster...Love your site..
    Happy Creating..

  6. Congrats!! Your place looks amazing!! I love your jewelry displays!