August 18, 2010

DIY::Salvaged Finds Turned To Jewelry Displays::PART 1

I have always been a Goodwill Stores kind of a gal. Even when I find something there that I don't need but see the $.49 price tag attached, I always seem to be able to justify the purchase. This was no exception when trying to think up new and useful ways to display my jewelry for my upcoming party.

I have spent some of my recent free time getting to know my new neighborhood, which includes the local stores and dives. While rummaging around a Salvation Army store in town, I shopped this little guy: 

I immediately knew what I could do with it, and $.98 later it was mine! So after adding some black paper to it's back to give it less of a meshy look, I looked around my craft room to get some ideas of how to spruce the thing up. I knew just the remedy: paper flowers and brads! 
So a few floral arrangements later... 
And after adding some earrings, too...
We have this:
So, for less than $1 or so, I have a perfectly lovely earring holder. The paper holder also came with a magnet, which I think I will use to label the price for the earrings during the jewelry party. What do you think? 

Next on my list was to find a means to hang some longer necklaces I recently made for the jewelry party.  I remembered that I had some old cork boards we were saving to put up next to our dart board in the basement. Who needs darts when you have lots of jewelry to display? So I pulled them, and some old gift wrap, out of storage...
Turns out the cork boards (which we originally found in a free pile of stuff back in Berkeley) have warped pretty harshly over time, so they needed to be covered STAT!... 
After cutting the paper and taping it's edges down...
I added some torn paper around the border to give it some color, as well as a random flower I found laying the craft room. And VOILA! 
In fact, I used the rest of the torn pink paper to create it's counterpart:
I especially love the floral details: 
Though am not a huge fan of the only interesting push pins I could find in town - where can I get some cute silver matte pins without spending a fortune? 

Up next - how I turned a $.48 find into a necklace and earrings holder, plus a new use for an old lamp! 


  1. very nice! love the colours on the last board!
    I made a jewellery hanger from some wood and nails ^^ (just posted it on my blog)

  2. Oh too cool! Love that not only is it uber cheap & extremely practical, but fun & flirty as well!! :> Ya know, you would probably be a fabulous party planner...oh wait, that's partially what started you on your jewelry designing path, right?! Designing your own jewelry for your fabby wedding?! :>:>

  3. I love the Mesh earring holder; what a great find! I'm going to work on getting one of my own. My craft show displays are all Black and white, this fits in perfectly. Thanks for sharing...Cheers!

  4. Ooo great idea! I'm getting ready to do my first jewelry show and I was struggling with cheapy ways to display jewelry! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog!