July 20, 2009

Custom Bridesmaid's jewelry for an Indian Wedding

A few weeks ago a childhood friend of mine, Chrissy, asked if I was interested in a crafty trade: she would make me some custom screen printed t-shirts in exchange for some custom jewelry for an Indian wedding she is in. I figured I was up for the challenge and could use some "Bead Up" shirts in return, so I accepted. This was one of those projects that I thought over and re-thought over, as I have never really made jewelry for an Indian wedding outfit before and wanted to be sure not to clutter up the otherwise very busy fabric. Chrissy asked for a pair of earrings and a necklace to go with this orange saree:She said that the bride asked the girls to wear silver shoes with the outfit, so silver findings and accents would work best. Also, the bride already provided orange and pink bangles, so adding pink would do well to bring the all together. This is what I came up with: I couldn't really find any beads that were a true crayon orange, but this burnt amber colored bead and cute little faded yellow faceted roundelles seemed to embody the orange and yellow tones. And, duh, I had to add some pink seed beads in there to bring it all together, too! Since the necklace is pretty powerful by itself, I wanted to do something rather dainty for the matching earrings: Since this wedding is going to be a weekend affair, Chrissy has another outfit in need of jewelery - this beautiful green choli: Chrissy will wear the green fabric as a wrap around her waist and an ivory-colored top to complete the look. For this outfit she wanted a bracelet and earrings. When I saw these really pretty stone beads at the store, something about them screamed "I'm ivory" and "I'm green!" all at the same time!
Matched with some little emerald colored bead and we have ourselves a coordinating look!
I can't wait to see pictures of you in the dresses and jewelry, Chrissy!


  1. Thank you so much! I love them!

    I cannot wait to show them off at the wedding. Be sure to send me more of your business cards so I can give them out.

    It's a three day affair, so there will be lots of picture taking opportunities.

  2. What a fabulously fun crafty trade! Love those fabrics your friend will be wearing. And I think the jewelry you made will be a perfect fit. If anyone is reading the comments, definitely clic on the bracelet to get an elarged look at it....the beads really sing! And.....looking forward to seeing your new custom tshirts! :>

  3. How pretty! looks like a colorful wedding...if there is indian food even better!

  4. I love the amber-colored necklace. Gorgeous. Nice job, as always!

  5. LOVE the first earrings!

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    Tomorrow is the last day, so enter now!

    Happy blogging, friend!

    The Musical Kitten

  6. I don't know if we talked about it when I was training you, but I make my own jewelry. Not good enough to sell - however my very favorite earrings (nicknamed the Jolly Rancher earring) are made by yours truly. And I'm now addicted to this blog - even more than your personal one.

  7. Wow beautiful jewelry, I love the way you have represented it.

  8. Nice combination of colorful jewelry and clothes. Nice job. keep it up your good work.