October 3, 2009

Fall Line Giveaway!

Ok, lovelies! It's my favorite event of the month:
I found Celeste's blog, Etsy It Up!, one day while blurfing (blog surfing), and immediately fell in love. Her site featuring Etsy sellers is visually stunning, clean, crisp, and very interactive (and she uses blogger!). And best of all - she often features awesome giveaways! And this week, guess who she is featuring? (And don't you think our blog header designs and names go so well together?)
Celeste and I decided on giving away one of my new Fall Line items, this Sprout Necklace :)
You have up to 13 (woah!) chances to enter - so what are you waiting for? Click HERE to enter!
Also, if you buy something from Bead Up between now and the 10th and mention Celeste's giveaway, I will offer free shipping and even throw in a free pair of earrings!
Lots of love,


  1. Woohoo!! How awesome of you to offer free shipping & earrings! WOW!!

    :) Celeste

  2. You're such a jerk ... making me buy lovely wares from you. =)