October 2, 2009

Fashionably Friday: Dancing with the Stars' Samantha Harris

With it's largest cast yet (and it's largest Macy's Stars of Dance, largest dance-offs, blah blah blah, seems like they are always trying to up their own previous seasons to keep people like me and you watching), Dancing With the Stars is back this fall and just as enduring as ever. Not only do I just love dancing competitions, but holy cow the outfits, behind the dance floor drama, and live songs are such eye and ear candy (and don't even feel like a guilty pleasure - such class!). And guess who has tickets to this Monday's filming of the show? THIS GIRL! (I see a future blog post regarding the necklace I need to make for the event to go with a FAB black cocktail dress I have! Who is excited?!) I could easily do a million Fashionably Friday posts on the great (and not so great) costumes and coordinating jewelry, and especially how they are all dance resistant! But one of the most amazingly dressed women on the show isn't even a dancer, but the head co-host, Samantha Harris. Known for her E! Daily correspondence, Fit editorials and workout DVD's, Samantha Harris is the well-spoken and perfectly timed backstage host that always has encouraging things to say to jittery dancers before and after their performances. She also knows how to keep on pace and work with a 10-second time frame for each interview - quite a skill considering the circumstances! They also dress her in a ROCKIN' wardrobe, with beautiful ballgowns that weekly outdo each other. And with that, of course, comes some beautiful jewelery! Let's have a look! (Sorry about the low resolution of some of these pictures, I had to watch and caputre the images of many of the tapings to get a shot! Click on any of the images for it's source).
This is my most favorite of all the pictures I could get my hands on. Not only is the necklace AMAZING, but worn with a GORGEOUS dress - wowza!!
Usually I am of the Less is More camp, but if you are Samantha Harris, chances are you make it look good simply by default.
Samantha wore this during the show's 3-day premiere last week. I am pretty sure the "necklace" is part of the dress - count me in.
Here we are getting in touch with our gothic/80's permed look *duh?* - don't really care for the hair - but the ornate necklace (or maybe it's just an applique?) paired with the stunningly simple black dress is a winner in my book.
She also rocks some GREAT jewelry off the set, too. Here are some great examples:
Of course her face is worth looking at, too, but look also at this GREAT jewelry combination! Wish I could take credit for that one! (Samantha at the 2009 Oscars)
Samantha at the 69th Emmy's last month. This necklace reminds me of the ensemble she is wearing in the first picture of this post. LOVE IT.
I am digging the combination of a briolette dangle necklace with a loop-y beaded necklace. Hmmm, might be on my to-make list ;)
Simple, understated, and perfectly coordinated.
Though I of course couldn't get away with the neck of the dress, the dainty fuchsia necklace is a perfect match (I have a very similar necklace and earring set on my Etsy site).
What do you think? Whose jewelry inspires you lately?
Have a dance-worthy weekend, y'all!


  1. Great pics!! Love the pink necklace (of course!) some of those necklaces look like they weigh 10 pounds! She must have a VERY strong neck!

  2. She is such a beauty. I watch the show off and on, and would really love a pair of those fringy pants that they wear when they do Latin dances. I'd be swishing all over the grocery store! Have fun at the taping, very cool! Yay for you.

  3. Her jewelry is stunning. Here's a question for you, my jeweling queen. The experts say you should wear accessories based on your size. As in, small people shouldn't wear big and bulky jewelry. Tell me how to get around this. I'm small, but sometimes I like big & bulky!

  4. Who are these "experts" of which you speak? I think it, like dieting, is all about moderation. I wouldn't recommend wearing something bulky like this: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_cmibqHEYw_g/SoXUtepxz2I/AAAAAAAAA1g/kC-BfO9P3pU/s1600-h/12.jpg , but wearing anything that is a STATEMENT and won't get in the way of your peripheral vision is a DO!

    Also, half of it is confidence! The reason why I think so many people aspire to "runway designs" is because the models make wearing them look damn good (ever watch ANTM or Models of the Runway? They always bitch about what they have to wear, and either Tyra or Heidi remind them that they are being paid to make the clothes/jewelry/makeup look good, not to feel good in them). That said, if you flaunt it, it will flaunt you back!

    I am thinking of all these things as I contemplate a design for a necklace for Monday's taping. It IS going to be big and bulky - and I can't wait! (post to come, of course)!

  5. Oh you lucky woman, you!!! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what you design for yourself as well as your tales of the show!

    Love that third to the last necklace Samantha has on! I suppose that appeals to me since its really wearable and I rarely get dressed up these days.

    Oh yea....and those "experts"?? "They" also tell bigger women not to wear big and bulky jewelry, so if big isn't supposed to wear it and small isn't supposed to wear it....well, I think you know where I'm going with that. I think you're right, Christyn.....a great attitude goes far in making people approve of your choices! :> (Shoes used to do that for me!!! :>:>)

  6. I've never noticed her jewelry before now. Too cool! (and if big people can only wear big jewelry then I'm in trouble. i'm a big girl who likes to wear small accessories)

    Have a great, bejeweled weekend!

  7. i think she is so pretty and so versatile with her hair/fashion/accessories