October 9, 2009

Fashionably Friday: Oscar de la Renta

So I am not going to claim I know much about "High End Fashion." My knowledge is limited to Project Runway, the magazines at my hair dresser's, and America's Next Top Model (the later being especially laughable!). Living in LA doesn't necessarily give me an edge either unless I succumb to watching runway footage on TV or reading blogs like everyone else in the country. That said, I only know designers such as Oscar de la Renta by name, not by look nor from personal experience. In fact, if you showed me something from his line and something from, oh, let's say, Bloomingdale's, I might not even be able to tell the difference at first, if at all! Seeing how this could be a dilema, I decided to take a look at the designer's website this week to see what sets him apart from other's, especially in terms of jewelry design. I am actually plesantly surprised by what his line offers, though found that his designs look differently on the models than they do in their standard product shots. Take a look. Example #1: Tulle Ribbon Choker, $450When I first saw the image on the left, I though "Ugh." It looks like an industrial cloudy day. But when I click on the alternative view (the product shot), my grey heart softed up to it! Especially considering the cute ribbon cord and the possibilities of wearing it with a simple black or pink dress! Come to think of it, I have some grey oval beads JUST like those (though I am sure my plastic version doesn't hold a candle to the glass, resin, and metal of this necklace - or COULD it?!). Example #2: Bugle Beaded Necklace, $590 Much like #1; love the ribbon of the product shot and could totally see this at a Christmas party with a little red dress, though it looks like a mirror poo-ed all over the remainds of a USB drive on the model (and what's with her Bride of Frankenstien hair?) Example #3: Silk Corded Necklace, $850 It looks like a hot mess on the model. Maybe it's one of those necklaces that shift from either side of your chest thanks to, ya know, girl parts that can seperate long necklaces. According to the product picture, the clasp is in the center, suggesting to me that it's supposed to be worn semestrically. I could also do without the hair-looking braided cord, but other than that I dig it. There were a few others that didn't even offer a product photo, and I think I can see why:
Gold Loop Earrings, $290 These SERIOUSLY look like something my mom would make out of random pods lying around the back yard and spayed with gold. Don't forget to add Mom's leftover curtains for the finishing touch! Oh, on second thought, it could also be that guy from India's really long, Guiness Book of World Records golden fingernails! Vomit.
Feather and Gem necklace, $750 Mardi Gras doesn't have to end with this celebratory outfit.
Resen and Lucite Chain Necklace, $390 The Bride of Frankenstein showing off the latest torture device.
And can I also say that, for the record, these prices are RIDICULOUS? No 14K gold, diamonds, or pearls for the price? They seriously use the same material I use in my $35 necklaces!
Speaking of which, look what Mr. Oscar also carries:
Bear any resemblance to the Green With Envy Cluster Bracelet I came out with a few months ago? You be the judge. Lesson of the day? If you are on a budget like the rest of the world, stear clear of this supposed "High Fashion" and stick with Etsy homemade! ;)
Happy weekend :) (note: I DO have CONFIRMED tickets to this Monday's taping of Dancing With the Stars. I will totally let you know how it goes THIS time around!)


  1. I LOVE this! High end, couture, or whatever you call it, designer jewelry is a mystery to me. I kind of like seeing all the kooky stuff that no one will (hopefully) ever wear in real life. But I think that your bracelet is AWESOME and it totally looks like that overpriced necklace. Have fun at DWTS! Hope you get good seats. Happy Friday!

  2. Ummmm, you mean I'm wearing an Oscar de la Renta knock-off and neither of us even knew it? Knowing what I now know, I'm gonna strut my stuff all over my self-imposed runway!!! hahaha.

  3. Your bracelet looks JUST like that necklace!

  4. I like your bracelet way more!! Great post. I'm so jealous you get to go to DWTS!!

  5. sigh, mr. de la renta is fab. i heart his dresses (not that i could ever afford one) but now love the accessories too, thanks for the post!

    ps- i like your bracelet better!!!