November 13, 2009

Fashionably Friday: The Country Music Awards

Let me begin with a HUGE disclaimer. I am not a die hard country music fan. Though I grew up in Ohio and went to college in Kentucky, I went out of my way to avoid it because people thought it would be fun to shove it down the throats of the innocent pop-lovin' public. Ironically, I only recently started listening to country music - it draws me back to feeling normal when finding myself surrounded by all the weird that is in Los Angeles. That said, I only know the basics about country music and fashion and DO NOT claim to be any kind of expert. In fact, I would like to claim that the following post is nothing more than the observances of a Los Angeles girl watching the Country Music Awards from her home in Hollywood. I don't mean to insult anyone with my comments, I am just calling it as I see it. Don't hate, and I won't either (well, at least I will try...)! Now that we have gotten that out of our system we can move on! On Wednesday night I found myself pleasantly surprised that I had not only made time to watch the CMA's, but that I really enjoyed it. Let's face it, most... no... all other music awards shows are nothing but trash and lame attempts at cheap publicity. The CMA's, on the other hand, are like the Oscars of Music award shows. I didn't feel violated or morally/visually insulted after having watched it!
What I did find challenging was understanding some of the performer's jewelry choices, while others' choices made me yell "You got it!" to the TV screen. Here are a few pictures I conjured up (all pictures from unless otherwise noted):
Best Ensemble of the Night: Miss Taylor Swift. Not only are her earrings and bracelet perfectly matched to the colors and embellishments of the outfit, but she took the less-is-more route and let the many sequins on the dress be the main attraction. Congrats on all your awards, cute-as-a-button tall twig! I just hope she doesn't take the Britney Spears route hereafter :(
The More is More Award: Faith Hill. Since her dress (which has a jeweled halter strap in the front), hair, and makeup are beautifully simple, layering SIMPLE and thin necklaces made for a great choice. Add those to (what I am sure are) massively expensive earrings and you have yourself a winner (which begs the question, if you are looking that smokin' AND standing next to Tim McGraw, why aren't you smiling?) (pictures from and Red Carpet Fashion Awards) The More is NOT More Award: Martina McBride. I love the dress. I think it looks great with her complexion and her hair. But as I was watching, all I could think was "Take a tip from Faith, sister!" Though these pictures hardly do it justice, she had on at least 5 necklaces of different lengths AND an jeweled embellishment on her waist. Add those with what looked like an assortment of cheap looking bangles trailing up her arm and you have yourself a misstep. (The picture on the left looks JUST like what my wrists looked like after a week at summer camp! Anyone else been there?). (picture on right from Best Use of Embellishments Award: Michelle Branch. Though I didn't know she was into the country music scene, I also didn't recognize her when she was in my office a few weeks ago. I do recognize the bad-assery that is this outfit - between the great use of a big ole' jeweled necklace ON TOP OF a dress with embellishments at the waist and shoulders (done much better than Ms. McBride, sorry!), and that rock 'n roll spiky purse, I'd say we have a Rock Princess on our hands! The dress, by the way, is only listed at $2247 here. (picture from Red Carpet Fashion Awards). Way to Match Your Sash Award: Can You Duet Season 2 winner Meghan Linsey of Steel Magnolias not only wore FABULOUS and simple black earrings to match her dress, she also managed to match her cream colored hair to her platinum hair color! That's a skill, girl! Mother-of-the-Bride-in-the-Making Award: Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott. I actually love this ensemble. I love the use of those jewels on her shoulders (I think it's clear at this point that I love jewelry within clothes!). I love those big funky bridal-esk earrings. I even like her messy hair. What I don't like, though, is that this outfit, ESPECIALLY the color, makes this 23-year-old look like she graduated the same year as Heather Locklear. You are 23 and hot, girl, work it! The Matchy-Matchy Award: Kellie Pickler. There is definitely a difference between coordinating and matching, the later being a fashion/design no-no. While the critics have been all over this poor gal for her new hair color and wearing what looked like plastic wrap meshed with aluminum foil, I can't help but think she bought this as a set from a macrame dealer. And finally, the coveted WTF Award: this dude from Love and Theft. Less is more, bro. And I am pretty sure eye brow rings like that have been OUT since before you were born. Yaoza.
Well, that about concludes my first CMA Jewelry Award Ceremony ;) Hope I wasn't too harsh ;)


  1. How can you be harsh when I haven't ever heard of half the people you slammed? heheh

  2. LOL!! Love YOUR awards for the CMA participants!! :>