November 20, 2009

Fashionably Friday: Thanksgiving Jewelry

I am not one to wear "seasonal" jewelry. You won't catch me in Santa earrings or star-spangled banner broaches. On principle, I don't make "seasonal" jewelry either, partially because it limits the items' sell-by date (much like milk) and also isn't really within my personal taste range (since my motto is only to sell what I make if I am confident enough to wear it myself). That's not to say that I wouldn't make a seasonal piece of jewelry if someone asked, though of course would want to make it true to my taste and other Bead Up pieces. Thus the artistic dilemma. Thankfully many artisans on Etsy have made wearing seasonal jewelry look GOOD. Here are a few "Thanksgiving" pieces that, I think, would look great year-round! Autumn-colored related jewelry:
I just love this little "Thankful" necklace from TheSilverDiva. And the best part is that it's only $20 AND customizable!
The product is as stunning as the picture! Autumns Bliss from JL67 ($37).
Chic and simple. That's how I like it! $31 from Mycellardoor.
Thanksgiving Food-related jewelry:
Not only is this precious, it's also made of a recycled watch back! $45 from CosmicButterfly.
Get it? Ahahah! $7 from Nerdgoddess.
Now I am getting hungry...! Only $6.50 from ilyaToni.
Ok, not only is this thing a super chic homage to Nightmare Before Christmas, but it also is supposed to smell like PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE! $40 from TinyCravings.
And political humor-related Thanksgiving jewelry:
$6.95 from thegildedlily.
I think that about sums it up :) Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!


  1. Love that Autumn Bliss piece!! And the word 'thankful' totally seems like you and many of your Bead Up pieces! The Bush/Gore and the spared turkey by Presidential pardon....oh my...... :>

  2. Great selections! Thanks soooo much for including my Autums Bliss necklae... :)

  3. I love the plate of food with the knife, fork and spoon, and the food necklaces are co cute.