November 18, 2009

I love you, Wednesdays.

Ok, Ok, I will admit it. I don't care for autumn. In fact, it's my least favorite season. My allergies kick in and remind me that I a feeble person. My cute summer dresses go back in the corner of the closet and are replaced by less exciting sweaters and pants. The falling of leaves, though beautiful (and no where to be found here in LA), remind me that things - good things - end, even if there will be another spring and summer. The most redeeming part of fall? It means WINTER is around the corner - and with that comes CHRISTMAS and SNOW (the later also not in LA!). I had a really, really hard time finding autumn-related items on Etsy that I found inspiring. I have missed doing these I Love You, Wednesday features but have felt uninspired to do them lately (and have lacked the time, honestly) since I am not actively creating any new jewelry and thus haven't thought about the inspiration behind them (the inspiration for what I have been creating has been strictly to fulfill orders customers made at the party!). The more I hunted around Etsy, the more I realized that I drawn to clean, crisp designs and bold colors... I have a feeling that says something about my design aesthetic, too. You be the judge ;)
Don't forget to visit their shops!
So, what inspires you today?


  1. Oh how I love that squirrel fabric. It looks like it's on wood with a modern, mossy twist! Too bad I could never have that in my house ... my dog has a thing for squirrels. ;-)

  2. Lovely teasury :) It's funny tough, because here in Chile winter just ended and we're starting to be in Spring, yeah, we have a very hot christmas xD

  3. Nice pics (despite the fact that it's not your season) I really like the Give Thanks pillow.


  4. Well, I do absolutely love fall! I have fond memories of New England falls when I was a kidlet in upstate NY. Love cool crisp air, earlier sunsets (though, those don't occur until November now), the beautiful colors, the desire to be outside during the day and to cocoon at night, holidays, holidays, holidays, and leading into winter. As for what inspires me, the latest inspiration would be from the country drive through the vineyards full of yellow, gold, and red leaves on the vines that the kidlets and I enjoyed after school. :> Hope your allergies go easy on you this season!! :>