January 15, 2010

Haiti Relief

I just couldn't stomach writing about the (comparatively small and trite) world of fashion and jewelry when the world as Haitians know it is ending. In fact, I am left quite speechless. Therefore, I would like to urge you to give, in whatever way you can, to the relief effort in this already impoverished country. Here are a few ways you can help: Sponsor a child through World Vision: a very rewarding way to feel connected to those whom you are helping! World Vision is one of the leading relief aids in the world and is really great at keeping donors connected to the country in which their donation was specified. Texting through American Red Cross: Thanks to the growing culture of emerging news stories via social networking sites, the American Red Cross has already raised $5 million through it's text messaging campaign! What a tangible way for people, especially youth who may feel they have no resources of their own, to help out (even if Dad is the one who gets the cell phone bill, I am sure he will understand!). Read about other cool social networking campaigns here. Donate money directly, and not just in times of "need": lots of disaster relief efforts work year-round to ensure that past disasters are amended and future disasters are avoided, in addition to taking care of the day-to-day needs of the impoverished (many of which are even in our own neighborhoods!). A few of my favorites include Lutheran World Relief and Habitat for Humanity, who is already looking for ways to restore housing in Haiti. And though I have never had any direct contact with the organization, it looks like "Hope for Haiti" is another great fund that works to provide education to Haitian children year-round. No doubt all of these charities can use our financial assistance, especially now. Note: Though giving is super great, there are lots of "organizations" out there who are actually scamming for your well intended money. And while it seems natural to send resources directly or to the government, doing so actually hinders the effectiveness of your donation. This article articulates what to look for in a charity and how to best use your resources. Buy something on Etsy: Didn't think I would bring it back to jewelry and Etsy, did you? Looks like lots of people on Etsy are designating part of all of their profits to the Haitian relief effort. Why not give AND get, while you are at it? Read this article about how Etsy staffers are also donating funds that will be matched by Etsy itself, and how you can set up your shop for donations, too.
And finally, and of course, PRAY. Even if you aren't in the habit of doing it regularly, even if you don't know who to whom you are praying. Give it a try.
(5x7 Did You Think To Pray on Brown by persimmon & pink, $13)


  1. Thanks for the reminder to Pray! And for the coverage of worthy charities!

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