January 6, 2010

I Love You, Wednesdays

I started the I Love You, Wednesdays weekly feature last year in attempts to chronicle the sources of inspiration behind my jewelry creations. Colors, themes, shapes, places, artists, etc. Some of my finds have a direct affect on my own creations, others are inspiration behind creations I hope to make. It usually isn't hard to find inspiration on Etsy itself, which has lead me to write this feature mostly about other Etsy products which I find inspiring. It's lead to some great conversations and even bloggin' friendships with other Etsians and readers :) That said, this week I was in need of inspiration. But not artistic inspiration, like usual, but life inspiration. It's going to be a challenging 2010. No need to go into detail, but let's just say that the Bead Up house has a lot of changes coming our way - big decisions which need to be made - an imminent geographical move - new and renewed career changes, etc. (and no, just because I am a semi-newlywed does not mean I am pregnant! You can put the suspicion aside!). I have been left feeling like I have no control over my future, which is partially true, yet at the same time a huge amount of pressure to take charge and claim my path. I feel both helpless and left to the direction of the wind, which, for a person with OCD-management tendencies, is not a good feeling! One thing that will not change, of course, is my Bead Up-ing. In fact, it's one of the few things that I do have full control of and that will not move or shift on me :) When we were in Kentucky last week I spent alot of time shopping for items to add to my Spring Collection, and found myself with lots of "word" realted items. Hoping other word-related finds on Etsy could "speak" to me, I searched for some of my favorite words that bring me encourgement and remind me that - ahhhh - everything is going to be alright. I hope they can do the same for you :)
Click on the image for a close up of the smaller text - it's all quite breath-taking! Don't forget to visit their shops for more inspiration!
When you find yourself in a slump, or at a crazy dark cross-road, what helps inspire you back to wholeness?


  1. Not only do times like these bring a lot of uneasiness and anxiety, but it's also a time for self-reflection to figure out answers to some of the bigger life questions. All I can say is from experience and watching friends go through similarly tumultuous times, I can say with confidence not only will you land on your feet, but you'll look back at this time with some amount of appreciation. Cheering hard for you from the Midwest!

  2. Thanks for including me! This totally cheered me up

  3. Fresh flowers...old signage on chippy brick walls around downtown areas and sweet eye candy like ETSY can really jump start my mood and creative process!!
    I have signed up for a jewelry 101 class this year as well as a basket making class..I hope they both bring inspiration and creativity!!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  4. I'm pulling for you girl. If you find yourself on the opposite coast, I'm happy to be your in person support group. If not, I'll still be your support group, just via different means.

    Change is a scary ting sometimes- especially when it comes in the form of the unknown.

    I try to count my blessings and immerse myself in something I can control- usually crafts.

  5. Isn't it amazing how single words or longer phrases can bring on intense emotions??!! Twenty years ago, I used to have quotes plastering my walls. I think of them as gifts from one person to another.


  6. As the Blizzard of '09 rages into the Blizzard of '10, I am truly cheered up by your amazing inspirational pics! Thanks so much for including my Peace print:)

    Best Regards,