May 21, 2010

Fashionably Friday: Sex and the City

The highly anticipated Sex and the City 2 comes out next week. Though I am not necessarily a huge fan of the show (explaining why would require a whole blog in and of itself), I am going to see the movie on opening night with my gal pals from when I worked at Warner Brothers. I helped work on the music for the movie and will give you a bit of a teaser: a Hollywood legendary singer/actress makes a guest appearance at a wedding in the movie (though I am not telling you whose wedding - but there will be a wedding or two)! 

Surely you haven't watched an episode of the show without thinking, "What the crap are they wearing?" Or, "Woah, where did they get that?" Though the clothing usually invokes such remarks, the jewelry always does it for me. Here are a few examples: 
(Images are from the super cool website, emitations!)

Carrie is known for her over-the-top fashion statements. To me, it's usually hit-or-miss. Though I love the bracelet at bottom - how on earth would you type/write/do anything with your arm with that thing on? :)

Samantha loves to flaunt her, well... goods. Her jewelry is often exotic, like the above earrings, or very large, like her infamous flower ring. 

Miranda is a little more modest when it comes to the extremist fashion of her gal pals, though I think the earring at bottom look a bit painful! Love both of the pieces at top, though!

Charlotte is my kind of girl when it comes to both wardrobe and jewelry. Look at Bead Up's similarities:

Pearl Balls, like the earrings at top. 
Dainty necklaces, like the gold heart example.
Cluster bracelets, like my own wedding bracelet!

So, which Sex and the City character's jewelry speaks most to you?


  1. i love the huge flower ring. Huge rings are so fun

  2. I really like the large statement rings that both Samantha & Miranda are wearing, smaller earrings, and I've always loved unique chunky bracelets!!

    Fun post...thanks for the share! :>

  3. great sex in the city post! Love the all the pictures :)

  4. Yaya!! Girl power! Great post - the best part about watchin SATC is the outrageous fashion. I second the girls above about blinged out rings! Maybe i'll wear mine when we see it! Ooooo we should get all dresssed up! FUN!!

  5. Charlotte, fo' sho'! By the way, I've worn my pearl necklace almost everyday and get so many compliments and questions about it. I need to take the little stack of business cards you gave me to work with me so I can hand them out when someone asks because I get so many comments. It's really the perfect piece for everyday wear. The only problem is that sometimes the little wire swirl on the front catches on my clothes (or someone else's if I give them a hug!) and bends it out of place. I just have to squeeze it back in place and it is fine, but good to know for future orders if you make it again.

  6. I think my style leans towards Samantha - I like big and flashy. But, the reality is, I don't wear jewelry nearly enough to consider myself anywhere near on par with her.

  7. I'm a Charlotte,too,when it comes to jewelry style.So glad I found your blog today! Have become a follower.....I used to live in KCK, wasn't thrilled at first (I'm from Philly) but it grows on you! Good luck!