May 13, 2010

Orphaned Earrings

Over dinner in Berkeley with one of my bridesmaids a few weeks ago I was caught off guard. "Christyn," my gal Quinn said. "I have a Bead Up project for you." Quinn pulled out an old school jewelry bag and placed on the table 4 earrings. Not 2 pairs of earrings, but 4 separate, orphaned earrings. "So each of these has their own story. Each of them needs a reincarnation!" I was thrilled to take on the challenge, and saw it as a great venue for a new blog entry!

So here is what Quinn gave me:

And here is what came up with:
For this first necklace, Quinn said that the brass heart charm meant a lot to her as she bought it while living in Mexico. She asked that I add a red charm of sorts. I figured, why add one when you can add two?! How I love red coral. 

Next was this super cute little gold squirrel and nut charm duo. I cut the nut part off of the bottom of the squirrel charm and filed it smooth, and came up with a cute little pairing. I didn't need to add anything else - it was already precious as-is!

Then was this rad brass octopus. What should go with an underwater creature? Well, a pearl of course!

Lastly was this precious little gold bird. This was actually from a pair of super cute earrings that Quinn had bought in Kansas... the little bird hung in between a gold ring as if it was in a cage or something. I have actually been playing with some of my own materials since I first saw these earrings to make something similar. Anyway, here is it's recreation!

Oh, and Quinn also gave me what was left of a plastic, yet totally realistic looking, amber necklace she bought abroad. Done and done!

So, do you have any orphaned earrings that need a second chance? Let me know and I would love to reincarnate them for you! Holla!


  1. Great work! Makes me think of what I can do with my own orphaned earrings. Thanks for posting that.

  2. I love the heart necklace and the octopus necklace! What a great idea. I'm thinking about orphaned earrings as I type.

  3. I love the gold bird one.

  4. those are all gorgeous! beautiful work (:

  5. You are fantastic at redesigning, repurposing, and reworking bit,bobbles, and charms! :>

  6. How fun!! That is so cool!

  7. I love what you did with all the earrings, but particularly with the bird. That blue stone behind it is perfect!!!

  8. Everything is awesome, you are doing great work and i am sure you are going to rock in this year.

  9. AnonymousJune 16, 2010

    squirrels are my FAVORITE-- i wish you could sell more of those squirrel charms-- love it :)

    Lindsay Templeton