May 19, 2010

I love you, Wednesdays: Kansas City

So I can finally let the cat out of the bag as to why I have been SO MIA over the last few months. Long story short - I lost my job and my husband got a new job -- in Kansas City, Missouri. Which means that I can't argue that we stay in LA for my job since I don't currently have one... so I have to bite the bullet and move back to the midwest. Not going to lie, I am not too thrilled - not because it's the midwest (I grew up in Ohio/Kentucky), but because I really love living in Los Angeles. Especially because of all the amazing jewelry resources here in LA (which means I have several more trips to make to the jewelry district before we blow this popsicle stand in 2 weeks)! 

That said, the hubs and I visited Kansas City a few weeks ago met the people at his job, found a house, and had some of the local fare (BBQ, mostly, which doesn't really do it for this vegetarian but I appreciate the sentiment!). Overall I am happy with the neighborhood in which we are moving and the people we met. I left thinking that Bead Up could do well in the area, and actually have some great changes in mind of what Bead Up will become with the move. We have actually been packing for several weeks now, though I of course have left my craft table out and am still making custom orders. I have not had the time nor energy to make new orders, however, and kind of grieve the fact that I never got to reveal a Spring/Summer line, though promise that I have TONS of stuff for an upcoming early Fall Line :) 

So in honor of my upcoming, and random, move across the country, I dedicate this I Love You, Wednesday to the city of Kansas City!

Oh, and as a side, I have been doing more than packing and doing custom orders... my husband is a pastor and is getting ordained next month (which is the ceremony where people become pastors -- much like a wedding for one, if you will). I have of course taking the task of making the invitations very seriously... can you guess what random element I am using on the invites? One hint: IT SMELLS!

Comment with your guess :) 


  1. Aw I'm sorry you lost your job but I'm glad your hubs was able to get a new one & that you guys have your new life in Kansas sorta figured out. Now that you'll be gone I'm really sorry that we never got to meet :( looks like a photo of braided hemp, lol. I know hemp is used for paper & it's sometimes smells, are you using it for the invites?

  2. My first thought was lavendar. But that doesn't quite look like lavendar (even dried).

    Not sure what it is, but it looks like a dried flower/herb of some sort.

  3. aw, I sympathize - moving long distances is always a cruddy ordeal, but once you're settled in I hope you love it. I used to live in KC for a few years - it's a very pretty and friendly city.

  4. Congrats to your hubby and best wishes for the both of you in your new locale! At least you won't be in limbo anymore and of course, you'll still have to travel around, right?! :>:>

    I have NO idea what that is, Christyn! My first thought was some kind of seaweed, but then I enlarged the pic and now I really can't figure it out. Good for you for getting your craft on here, but you must come back soon and tell us! :>

  5. First, let me thank you for featuring my 'Under the House' print. Second, Welcome to Kansas City! Third, you are must go to the Nelson Atkins Museum. So Inspiring. I live in Lawrence, Kansas which is about 30 minutes West. You should pop over and see the downtown. I think you would really like it. As far as the photo, it looks like old boot laces to me :)

  6. Finally, the cat is out of the bag. Knowing you, you will make a good life for yourself in KC, so long as you don't expect it to be anything like your life in LA. Hey, at least you're continuing your trend of living in cities that can be summarized by their initials. =) xoxo

  7. I know what it is!!!!!! But I won't say bc I guess it would sort of be cheating now that it's sitting on my counter.