February 10, 2010


This has been a week of adoptions. On Friday afternoon I was watching The Bonnie Hunt Show while at work (as part of my work, actually!) and was hit by cupid's arrow when I saw a dog on the episode they were showing for adoption. The beagle terrier mix's name was Annie, and she was all I could think about for the rest of the day (give the video a few minutes before a stage assistant brought "Annie" out to Bonnie). I rushed home after work to tell my husband that I would do whatever it took to get that puppy - I needed her and wasn't going to sleep until she belonged to me (I am quite the stubborn type!). Long story short, my hubs agreed to skip his Super Bowl party and join me in adopting our little orphan Annie on Sunday afternoon in Santa Monica. Since then, we have also fostered her son, Bob, for the week to help Annie (whom we have re-named Ping, which means peace in Chinese) readjust to our home. Isn't she the CUTEST thing you have ever seen? Bob is handsome as ever and looks like a mini-German Shepherd (Bob is still up for adoption, so holler if you are in the LA area and interested in this VERY well behaved puppy!). This is not going to be our last adoption. In fact, the hubs and I have been talking about adopting a Chinese baby since before we were married. I have had a huge heart for Chinese adoption since before I ever even went to China or stepped foot in a Chinese class, and thankfully the hubs is on board with me. A few months back I somehow stumbled upon Desiree's blog about her journey to adopt her 3rd Chinese baby! What an inspiration! After some correspondence, Desiree asked if Bead Up could donate some items for her upcoming online raffle where she hopes to raise funds that will go toward the administrative costs of her newest Chinese addition! Of course! So... head on over to Desiree's blog to buy a few raffle tickets for yourself -- prizes include Bead Up items (like this Whooo's Pink necklace!), a blog-over, gift certificates, children's clothes, and an xBox with DJ HERO!! Raffle ends on the 21st!


  1. that is a cute dog. i know a little about cute dogs, too.

    want to adopt an 11 year old american boy? i call him my little brother. but he could use you.

  2. Aw...I'm so jealous! She's so freakin' cute. I've been wanting to adopt a dog forever but cant because our lease wont allow it *sad face*.

    I think it's great that you & the hubs are thinking about adopting. Have fun with Ping!

  3. That dog is going to change your life. Love it!

  4. Thank you!! You are the best!! If you ever need help navigating the waters of International adoption, let me know!! I would be so very happy to help any way I can.

  5. Congratulations again on the new member of your family. Ping is just adorable and I know you're going to give her lots of love.

    Wallace has been with us for almost six months now, and I don't know how we ever lived without him. (We renamed him, because Beans did not seem appropriate)