February 24, 2010

I love you Wednesdays: Doggie Jewelry

One of the first things people who knew me especially well asked after I adopted our new dog, Ping, was "Well, are you going to make her jewelry?!" Though I appreciate the question, I am pretty sure I won't be making jewelry for Ping for three reasons: 1.) I can't even think of what I would make for a dog who hates having her collar on her, let alone a piece of jewelry! 2.) I know my heart would break a little when Ping manages to get said piece of jewelry off of her body and into the toilet, trash, mud, etc (see #1). 3.) There are so many people on Etsy who can do it better! I did some investigative research on Etsy and found a few pieces that were especially inspiring, and others that were just plain interesting! Let's see how Etsy sellers are spicing up your otherwise typical dog products:
Why have a boring black rope-like collar when your pup can have this stylish, hand beaded creation!
Sunset by collars4chloe; $45
Actually, why have a typical collar at all when you can just sport a cute little doggie necklace?
Boys Wear Necklaces Too - Pet Jewelry by nikkimcl; $16
And no collar is complete without a tag, but why get a standard silver bone when your can tell the boys what's really on your mind?
Bite Me Valentine's Day Dog tag by BowWowzerZ; $10
Just like those "My Child Is An Honor Role Student" bumper stickers, pets deserve a little affirmation, too!
Obedience School Drop Out Pet Tag by UrbanPuppy; $18
Or you can just skip the fancy tag and sport your dog's gemstone?
Birthstones Bone charm by BirthBones; $10

And don't forget the icing on the cake!
Ocean Blue Summer Dot Bitty Bow by BOWWOWMeOverBows; $3
And last but not least...
Pugs N Pearls Girls Necklace from FromStewartsKitchen; $15
Yeeeeah, I'll keep to human jewelry for now!


  1. So funny. We got SoMi her dog tag off Etsy. Though I like the concept, I think it could look a little nicer. Oh well. At least if she dares get away from us, whomever finds her will know how to find us!

  2. don't give my sister any more ideas.

  3. LOL! You and your Ping are ADORABLE!!! And actually, thanks for the research....it might just come in handy next Christmas for my Aunt and her beloved pup! :>