February 12, 2010

Red Carpet Jewelry Awards!

Tis the season -- for Award ceremonies, that is! Which means only one thing:
JEWELRY TO CRITIQUE!! (click on each image for it's source)
The Golden Goddess Award: Julie Roberts at the Golden Globes I have said it before and I will say it again: I love when jewelry is incorporated into dresses themselves. This is a perfect example. By itself the dress would be totally boring, but add that beautiful necklace and POW! According to InStyle.com, "The necklace's exquisite pendant boasted 29 citrines and diamonds set in 18-carat yellow gold." Holy mother.
The Midnight Award: Courtney Cox at the Golden Globes Paired with her night black hair and perfect makeup, these blackened gold and black sapphire earrings from Ofira Schwartz are stunning. Reminds me of stars in a midnight sky. Not that often earrings make ya' go poetic! The Long & Luscious Award: Christina Applegate, 2009 SAG Awards I love how the necklace seems to pay homage to flapper dress jewelry, and how those earrings hang on her so well and really spice up the very simply and beautiful emerald dress. Imagine how horrible they would have looked with a dress of a print -- well done, Xtina!
The Sweet and Simply Coordinated Award: Toni Collette at the 2010 SAG Awards. I ADORE how she (or her stylist, whatever) used the simplicity of the turquoise accents to enhance the empire waste lining. Gah-jas.
The "Wow, I can't believe you pulled that off" Award: Heidi Klum at the Grammy's Love the ring (A 70 carat diamond butterfly ring from Lorraine Schwartz). Though, since I am of the less is more camp, the combination of the print and flash of the ring and with the sequin drag-queen-ish print of her dress (especially since it goes all the way to her hand) makes me a bit nervous, Heidi pulls it off. Probably, if for no other reason, because she's Heidi (though I do think the color tones of the ring match her hair pallet beautifully!).
Ya know how some talent get nominated two times in one award show? Like Meryl Streep this year for Doubt and Julie and Julia? Well, we got one of these here, too. Meet: Beyonce, who wore plenty to talk about at this year's Grammy's....
The "Cleopatra will stab you with her dagger earrings" Award And what's up with the silly string in her hair?
The "No worries, I brought enough bling to make up for possibly not getting a bling-y award" Award
Rumor has it that those are my beloved Swarovski crystals on her ears and dress. Looks more like a plastic vacuum liner and a hot mess of silver and gold shreddings gone wrong.
There you have it, lovies! With the Oscars soon approaching, you can bet there will be a Part Deux to these Red Carpet Jewelry Awards! Happy Weekend!


  1. I love love love the necklace that Julia Roberts wore. Wouldn't you wear that every day?

  2. Oh so lovin' Courtney's earrings!!! Fab Glam there! :>

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