February 18, 2010

A blogger's Bead Up review - and another giveaway!

A few weeks ago fellow blogger Leslie contacted me regarding the possibility of a product review and giveaway. I am such a sucker for these. Leslie said she especially loved my wishbone necklace, which seems to be a hot little piece this month! I sent her the item in the mail for a review and here's what she had to say: "I recently was able to review a great necklace from Christyn at Bead Up she has a GREAT Etsy Shop where you can find the cutest pieces of jewelry. This Reach For The Stars necklace is one of my favorites....Along with this simple and fun Strawberry Necklace... Or this Butterfly Necklace as well, but.........The one I instantly fell in love with was the Wishbone Necklace!!!! It is so simple and I really love it!! I was able to review the Wishbone Necklace and I couldn't be happier. I wore it with a nice brown sweater and skirt to church on Sunday and it laid perfectly for all to see. I had a couple ladies ask where I got it--they had never seen one like it!! I would recommend it with a v-neck, lower-neck line blouse or dress, or a turtle neck higher neck line. The chain is shorter and I think it would look best with these types of clothes. Now for the fun part, Christyn is generously offering one of you the WISHBONE NECKLACE that I was able to review!!"
Click here to enter! (You can enter over 2-dozen times...woooooooooah)!
You heard it, chickas. I figured that you could use another way to enter to win this darling little necklace. Not that I am a new dog owner and am getting into the habit of feeding treats to those whom I love to make up for my absence. It's not like that at all...! Speaking of which, have you had the chance to enter my other 2 giveaways?
Enter here, here and here! Seriously - I'm literally giving this stuff away, dolls! (You can read up on all the rules and deadlines here and here).

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  1. Free = Good
    Bead Up pieces = Great
    Mulitple Giveaways = Great
    Multiple Bead Up Giveaways = Absolutely Fabulous! :>