December 14, 2009

Custom Cowgirl Bracelet

I got a lot of custom orders during my jewelry party. Though this was totally thrilling, I will admit it was a bit overwhelming as the main thing I wanted to do after the months of preparation going into the party was to take a break from creating for a week or two! No rest for the weary! When my co-worker Melissa saw a Chinese-themed charm bracelet I had on display at the jewelry party, she immediately said "I want one like this!" I at first figured she wanted me to create a bracelet from scratch for her, though after meeting with her for breakfast one morning to discuss the bracelet (my first "consultation" of sorts!), Melissa explained that she had a sterling silver charm bracelet that she wanted to spice up. She presented me with 7 necklaces and bracelets from her "hippie days," all adorned with silver beads, turquoise, teek-wood, and coral. She had envisioned that I could take the beads from the necklaces and put them on the existing sterling bracelet. She found this picture as her inspiration: "The funky-chunkier, the better!" Melissa instructed. I'll see what I can do! I ordered some sterling ball-headed pins and a rustic looking sterling silver toggle clasp and went to work. I tore apart the necklaces and bracelets and took an inventory of what I had to work with: Here is the "before" picture of the sterling silver bracelet Melissa provided - with two headpins worth of beads for starters...And here is the after! Melissa LOVED the bracelet when I gave it to her at our company Christmas party - and went on to show and explain to EVERYONE at our table the story behind the piece! I will admit, this is not something I would think up to do on my own, but with the help of all the materials Melissa provided and the inspiration piece's picture, I think we hit the nail on the head! Check back on Wednesday for stories of how I commissioned others to make custom-pieces for me this week!


  1. gorgeous!! love how you used the pendants!

  2. Yahooooooo!!! You definitely put your spurs on and lassoed that one!

    In all seriousness, I think it came out fantastic and I think the pendants look great on it too! :>

  3. Wow, do I LOVE that charm bracelet! It's like no charm bracelet I've ever seen! What a great custom project! Did it take a long time to make? Very tedious? Is it the heaviest bracelet ever made, or more lightweight than it looks?

    Phew! I like seeing your process too, the inventory all set up. Gorgeous! Do you think you'll start making more items like this? I would buy it. :)

  4. If I have learned anything from watching Project Runway, it's that a GREAT designer not only has their own vision, but is able to work with visions and inspirations of their clients. Because, as you well know, without clients, you have nothing!

  5. dearest christyn,
    it's melissa!
    i love my bracelet.
    it has memories and charms from years,,, of my life.
    thank you christyn for making me such a treasured piece of art.
    with gratitude and love, melissa

  6. Amazing bracelet!!! I love it. (May have to order one for myself... hmmm...) :)

  7. Awesome creation, i would love to have all these bracelets, i am sure you are going to rock in 2010, lovely ideas, thanks for sharing.