December 18, 2009

Fashionably Friday: Tiffany's for the Holidays

It's that time of year where countless commercials do their darnedest to convince you that your life wasn't complete until you had (fill in the blank with meaningless item here), or that your stocking isn't stuffed without (fill here again), or that your man doesn't love you unless he has a mint-colored box in his hand. That's right, you read me correctly - it's that time of the year where Tiffany's commercials of women in 30's vintage dresses playing their piano in slow motion remind all of us that we aren't really loved until we have a Calvin Klein model slowly and ever-so-softly handing us a Tiffany's box of jewelry. See what I am talking about: 'Cause we have all had that happen to us, right? Yeah, me neither. In fact, these commercials make me a little sick. No offense to anyone who has ever be given a Tiffany's piece of jewelry (I myself have several faux Tiffany's necklaces from China, what?), but doesn't it seem odd that the company really does have some woman believing that the true mark of a man's love is that little blue box in his hand? Because I thought the true mark of my man's love is when he holds my hair back when I am hanging out in the bathroom with the flu. Or when he changes a tire in the rain and lets me sit inside the car chatting with my friend on the phone.
Ok, stepping off my soap box...! That said, Tiffany's is one of the new main-line luxury jewelry companies that I found to carry LOTS of holiday items. I really wish I could buy some of these charms at Michael's so I could make them myself and give them to myself in a little LIME GREEN box (yeah Bead Up!). I love me some value, but of course Tiffany's falls under the category of high-class that they can price their items astronomically high and people still buy it. Sigh... Here's a small selection of the many items on
$135 ... for just the charm!
Candy cane in traditional red or Tiffany blue - so cute. Well, except for the $115 price tag!
I am pretty sure that Tiffany's has the monopoly on snowflake-shaped diamond jewelry pieces. Here they've incorporated it to their traditional link-chain bracelet... for only $500 ;)
And if you can't get enough diamonds... ($2,350 for this subtle thing...)
Why not wear a broach-sized snowflake diamond mess - for only 25 THOUSAND dollars!
And it only gets uglier and pricier, my friend. Take this gold semi-tree of a charm, yours for only $1,625!
Or this ... thing... for only $2050! That's more than my rent!
And if a Tiffany blue $150 ice-skating charm doesn't wet your whistle...
Surely a $2250 diamond and emerald plated ice-skating charm will make your life complete, no?
Yeah, me neither.


  1. I never really understood the allure of Tiffany. Most of the things I like from them are the simply designed items. And under most circumstances, there's no way I'd ever spend as much as their price tag demands. Even for the elegant stuff.

  2. once i get my emerald plated ice-skating charm i won't need anything else. except that snowflake.

  3. There's a jewelry store that's been consistently running holiday ads around here (and it's a chain, so I'm sure they have them elsewhere, but I'm blanking on the name) wherin the husband tells the wife that it's their "first Christmas as a family" because they have a baby.

    That commercial makes me want to barf. Just because I don't have children, doesn't mean my husband & I aren't a family- crappy overpriced chain jewelry store.

    I love a good piece of jewelry, but I love all the little things my husband, friends, and family do for me more.

  4. It sis wonderful to see such fantastic jewelry here. All are jewelry are precious and beautiful for holidays.

  5. Simple some items may be but when you see the care and attention that is put into the packaging never mind what's inside you know you have paid for quality. Jane my wife has the no longer available diamond/emerald ice skate along with several other pieces of less expensive Tiff quality jewelry even the kids adore it (yes I have treated them as well). No I can't really justify the expense, but the smile on Christmas day is worth every penny.