December 11, 2009

Fashionably Friday: Regretsy

Not quite sure why it took me so long to find the website Regretsy, but once I did, I was both touched and humiliated. More touched, really. Regretsy is a website dedicated to, how should I put it, "interesting" items on Etsy. The kind that you would perhaps find in a freak show or a trash heap. Or make in 5 minutes during a team building retreat with objects found within reaching distance. My husband was the humiliated one that my jewelry was on the same site as the other products on Etsy. I figure it's good marketing because it makes all my items look all the more better ;) But rather than ruining all the fun with my words, why don't I let the pictures do the talking, mmmk? (Click on each picture to see the actual listing - though be warned that lots of stuff on Regretsy is for "mature audiences" - so this is your fair warning -- Bead Up of course does not endorse any of these products!) And my personal favorite, read the text at the bottom:Man, these totally make shopping for Christmas gifts a lot easier ;) On a totally, hopefully not Regretsy-ish level, Bead Up is having another giveaway!! My sorority sister Lindsay and I are giving away this precious little necklace:
Enter for your chance to win it here -- and have a great weekend!


  1. OMG, these are some awful items. Who would buy these? Grass earrings? Eww...

  2. and a surprising number of this genre regularly end up on the front page. i think i have an open wound on my scalp from scratching my head over the etsy front page. horrifyingly creepy little dolls, useless felted wool replicas of virtually every foodstuff known to man, and bewildering unidentifiable gewgaws of every stripe. i think i'm just too conservative.

  3. I absolutely love Regretsy, I found it a few months ago, and look at it almost every day! Her advent calendar is amazing. And very creepy.

    I agree with LuneDreams about the front page, there are so many shops on Etsy, it's a bit overwhelming, and some of the things that end up on the front page are a bit.....odd.

  4. This is too funny!!! Thanks for sharing!