December 2, 2009

I Love You, Wednesdays

Now that December is finally here I publicly proclaim my love for CHRISTMAS (What? I didn't tell you that I have been planning and crafting for Christmas for months now?! Why do you think my mom, who birthed me 4 days after Christmas, named me CHRISTyn?). Falalalalala! There are countless reasons why I love Christmas, one in particular being that we can spread the love to others with gratitude and gifts! This year, I have decided to buy most of my Christmas presents for my friends and family from Etsy, partially because I have some very specific gifts in mind, and partially because I love supporting the website that has given me the freedom to start an online jewelry shop of my own! One of the most nifty aspects of shopping on Etsy's homemade website is that you can bookmark your favorite items in a very unique, visual way. Every time you visit an Etsy shop, you have the option of clicking on "Add item to favorites" or "Add seller to favorites." Once you do that, the item or shop is saved on an interactive list for your future reference. As a seller, I can even see who "hearts my shop." I will admit, when I first opened my little Etsy shop last spring I was a bit obsessed with how many "hearts" both my shop and my items were receiving. I have been so pre-occupied with other Etsy things that I nearly forgot I had such an obsession until today when I accidentally click on "See Who Hearts Me." Turns out my numbers have gone up a bit since I last checked back in July - currently 163 Etsians "heart" me, and the 58 items I currently have for sale have received 78 hearts! Not bad :) Here's an image so you can figure out how to track items you have book-marked/hearted, and who hearts your shop/items in return! Feeling the "heart" love I figured what better way to spread the holiday love and promote other Etsy sellers than to go through the list of those who heart me and hand-pick a few items from their shops that I think would make GREAT Christmas gifts?! So here's my way of saying THANK YOU FOR HEARTING MY SHOP and also to SUPPORT HANDMADE - now start shopping!
Visit their shops for great Christmas gift ideas!
So, what inspires you today? :)
Oh, and speaking of spreading the Etsy love, make sure you stop by Your Creative Way today - the author did an entry on Bead Up and this here blog! Thanks, Raychel!


  1. Merry Christmas Christyn!! :)

  2. Hi Christyn, thank you for the feature! I love the Visualization feature on Etsy, it really helps to see different people who Heart you. You're so good not to look at your hearts all the time! I'm still a bit obsessive about it. :)

    Have you ever looked at It's a great site to see your hearts, and also to advertise!

    Merry Christmas! Lesley.

  3. Merry Christmas Christyn!! I am so honored to be featured in your blog! Thank you, thank you so much from the bottom of my HEART!
    I also like how you did the visualization.

  4. I plan to do more in the future!

    I love your blog and store :)


  5. Oh and your button does not work. When you copy and past it to a blog it says website not found.

    It goes to

    I took of the second .com and it worked. You might want to change it on your :)

  6. Thanks so much for letting me know, Raychel! I have changed it so hopefully it will work now!

  7. I know I have you saved under my favorites in etsy! :> You were my first etsy purchase and I'm so wishing that funds would allow me to go crazy this Christmas. But, thanks to our lovely economy, that is not exactly the case. However, probably half of my presents (including those beaded napkin rings I bought from Bead Up this summer!) this year are handmade by me, other artists & hand crafters, or bloggers. I want the dollars I do have to go to people that love what they do and put their hearts and passion into it! :>