March 3, 2010

New Items and A FABULOUS Giveaway!

Sometimes you just need a little ::umph:: to get motivated to get a daunting task done. Take for example posting new items on Etsy. This used to be one of my favorite aspects of selling on Etsy. Well, let me rephrase that -- SEEING my product finished and listed on Etsy is one of my favorite parts, actually photographing, measuring, and describing the items can be a little tedious. That said, I have had quite the pile of "new" items that I made before my Christmas jewelry shows. At the time, I figured I would show them and then post on Etsy that which didn't sell. Needless to say, this task has been hanging over my head for 3 months! So yesterday when I found myself with a whole day with nothing on the calendar, as I was staying home sick from work so as not to infect my colleagues with a head cold that's building, I FINALLY got around to listing some of said new items! Click on each image to see it's Etsy listing! The other main ::umph:: reason to get back on the ball was because Bead Up got alot of online visits yesterday! My dear friend Nilsa wrote the most lovely blog entry on the necklace I made for her a few weeks ago. Not only did she say some flattering things about Bead Up, but she and I also collaborated for a GREAT GIVEAWAY, featuring the following products! Also - anyone who mentions Nilsa's blog during checkout when buying a product from Bead Up will get FREE SHIPPING! It doesn't get any better than that, lovelies! Click here to enter the giveaway now :)


  1. I love all your new stuff! I stayed home sick yesterday too & was clicking on all of your tweets as you posted them, lol.

  2. You should be glad you posted some of that new stuff, because a number of people commenting on my blog picked the new stuff as their favorites!