March 12, 2010

Fashionably Friday: The Academy Awards

Not that I have been counting down for the past few months for Hollywood's biggest night. No, not me. Nor did I watch the show nearly two times AND watch all the pre and post-shows in order to get a full dosage. Why would I ever do such a thing? On with the awards! (all images from Project Rungay) THE GOOD:
This was the winning look of the night, in my opinion. That dress is like a walking Monet. Discussion has been made about the earrings possibly being a little too-much, though I think they work since they are not competing with any other jewelry or embellishments on the garment (and her hair and makeup are in full sync). You win, Ms. McAdams.
Penelope Cruz always bring a little bit of Spanish flair to the red carpet. This outfit is of course no exception. Since the garment is simple in terms of color and texture, most people would think it could use balance with over-the-top jewelry. Thankfully our Spanish princess knows better. The understated diamond bracelets, big-ole' ring, and nicely sized earrings are like a petite four. Love it.
Kate Winslet always looks good. Not just good, but great. She's inspiring because she's totally glamorous in an understated way and is NOT a size 2. Though I am not a fan of metallic fabric, I think she not only wears it well, but she also really rocked yellow-colored diamond earrings and coordinating silver necklace. The bracelet and purse somehow aren't overkill, either. Her hair color helps bring it all together, too.
I go back and forth on this outfit. The dress' print is more like a swimsuit wrap you wear at Sandals. The granny-looking bracelet is SO not my style. The rings seems boring. However, for whatever reason, I think it works for Ms. Maggie. I like how the bracelet matches her wedding and engagement rings. It works with the dress. Heck, it even matches Mr. Oscar in the background!
Helen Mirren, I bow down to you! This woman (or at least her stylist) KNOWS how to dress her. The diamond necklace and earrings work well with the crystal embellishments on the dress and arm things (heck, even her hair is coordinated)! And do you see that spider tattoo on her hand? Bad-ass, grandma! The purse, however, is EXACTLY like the purse I used to play with as a kid when I dressed up in my grandma's old clothes. Even then I knew it was a bit too busy for my taste! Not sure what that means to see it on the red carpet...!
Christyn's reaction when she saw this on the stage at the Oscars: "Gasp! That's amazing!" 90's movie star Molly Ringwald rocked a brass-looking broach/belt with an arm bracelet by the late American artist Alexander Calder (1898-1976). This is the kind of thing you see at the MOMA, people. And she's wearing it to the Oscars -- take that Gucci presumption! According to this site, "Every one of these pieces started out as a piece of wire and Calder hammered them into shapes. There is no mass production, no multiples." LOVE. IT.
Dear Miley: if I can afford to visit a chiropractor, so can you. Please stand up straight. Also, it seems that your dress is starting to eat your wrist.
Oh, Mariah. Even when you try to go classy you end up, well, looking like yourself. As Coco Chanel put it: “Take one thing off before you leave the house.” Repeat that to your self 3-4 times and I then we can talk. But don't take off your dress. That's not what a meant.
Excuse me, Carey? Hugh Hefner's landlord called. The would like their curtain tassles back.
Both Sarah Jessica Parker and Carrie Bradshaw are known for their daring fashion attempts. Some people turn them into law, others, like myself, laugh and thank the Lord I have better taste. This outfit - and jewelry - are no exception. Though attempt well-noted.


  1. Our tastes definitely differ (most of your like list would be on my dislike list), but I still look forward to your awards show reviews because you look at it from a unique angle compared to most others.

    And my words of advice to Mariah Carey would be more along the lines of PUT SOMETHING ON to cover up your tatas and your legs ... you show them off entirely far too often. ha.

  2. I felt like someone talked Miley into going a size too small up top there (or didn't talk her out of it), and if she stopped hunching we'd see, know. Which I don't want to see.

    Loved Penelope's jewelry.

  3. Thanks for this post--I loved reading it! You are so right on about all of your comments, including the questionable Maggie Gyllenhal dress! And, I completely agree with you that Kate Winslet always looks good. She does! Miley's poor posture just reminds me of my OWN poor posture. Ugh.

  4. Love checking out your after the Oscars post! Penelope was striking, Kate is always gorgeous (though, not fond of her dress here), loved seeing the Brat Pack back in action, thought Helen was beautiful, Mariah was a disaster (maybe dropping the bracelets, as well as the hemline would help!), Miley just showed how out of place she was on an Oscars' red carpet, and I was totally disappointed by SJP!!! Thanks for your post Oscar awards! :>