March 8, 2010

Trading Jewelry for Makeup

It's Monday, which means time to share more Bead Up projects with y'all! I have been so blessed with a great community at church that has really taken a liking to Bead Up. When I look around the women in my congregation, I smile because I have made jewelry for a good 50% of them! One of my favorite customers from church bought one of my favorite little sterling silver necklaces at my jewelry show last October: A few weeks ago she told me that she wears the necklace often, though would love a matching set of earrings to accompany the coral, pearl, and turquoise beads of the necklace. She also requested earring that were about 1.5" long and that I use ear hoops that clasp in the back so she doesn't lose them. Done and done! One of the unexpected joys of making jewelry is that I have been able to use what I have created as gifts, payment, or items to trade for others! A gal pal of mine from high school is a Bare Escentuals consultant and has been proving me with at-cost make up since I switched to the line last summer. This shipment around, she asked if I could pay her back in Bead Up goods! She was hoping that I could make her future mother-in-law a birthday gift of wine charms. My pal said that her F-M-I-L was super girlie, likes glitz and sparkle, and loves wine! I rushed to Michael's to buy some sterling silver "girlie" charms and came up with these: The charms include a stiletto heel, decorated heart, purse, and Eiffel tower ('cause what can get more feminine that that?!). I also added several different colors and sized of pink crystal beads on the little silver ear-hoops. Here is what my gal pal had to say about them: "Omg love the charms...... They are perfect. The Eiffel tower couldn't be more on target, there whole house is decorated 'country French' and has a couple rooms with Eiffel tower stuff in them!" Glad that worked out - I thought I was taking a gamble on the Eiffel tower charm! Finally, thanks to everyone who participated in Nilsa and my GIVEAWAY last week! We had 52 entries! The winner was actually a Bead Up client who originally found my Etsy shop through Nilsa's blog a few months ago! Now I must get to work - there were many outfits on the red carpet and I have much to discuss on this week's Fashionably Friday: Oscar Style post! Have a great week! In the meantime, if you are the Bible Devotional type, check out my contribution to my friend's blog as she aims to study the whole Bible through blog posts in a year!


  1. Cool wine charms! That pink adds that little extra pop and I'm a sucker for bold colors. very nice :)

  2. Not quite 52 entries, but close. So glad you got some more exposure through the giveaway.

    Can't wait to see what you thought of some of the Oscars outfits. I didn't watch much of the show, but was particularly disappointed when I saw Sarah Jessica Parker's dress. She looked awkward, at best, in it.

  3. I'm looking forward to your Oscar post! :> (I agree with Nilsa about SJP!! Didn't like it at all...)

    Love how your jewelry works across the board for so many different people for so many different moments, from everyday to wedding accoutrements! (I wear the same makeup as it!)

  4. GREAT POST!! Love those pink charms!! I may need them for my wedding!!!!