March 17, 2010

WANTED: Pictures of your Jewelry Stash

Last year I blogged about several jewelry holders/trees that my hubs and I made for my Christmas jewelry shows and party. I have since been keeping my eye out for ways that people display/store their jewelry and have always wanted to blog about how I stash my jewelry (my method may surprise you)! So, I am calling for submission of what your jewelry stash looks like! Are you organized, or anything but? Do you hang your necklaces up or lay them down neatly in a antique jewelry box? Do you spend most of your time re-hanging your necklaces carefully or carefully untangling them? (This interesting little earring holder was found on Amazon - oh the places you can go on that website!!). I want to hear from you! Drop me a comment on this entry or e-mail me ( with your method and a picture or two if you want to really make me smile! Everyone who submits will get FREE SHIPPING on anything in the Bead Up shop! Here are some interesting jewelry holders I found on Etsy:
Wall Mounted Asymmetrical Jewelry Tree, $85 Frame your bling, upcycled re-purposed hand-painted aqua blue jewelry holder, $16.95 Pink Sparkle Flower Earring Holder/Wall Display, $16.50 Attic Treasure Trinket Box, $50 Kiwi Green and Red Jewelry Tree, $32
And last but not least... Barbie Jewelry Holder, $20 There are no words, ladies and gentlemen!


  1. Ha ha, that Barbie one sorta creeps me out. I keep my jewelry in a plain jane jewlery box. The hubs has been wanting to buy me one of those cool little double door closet like long jewerly boxes but I dont even think I have enough to put in there. Not gonna lie, I have been known to have to untangle a neclace or two for about an hour.

  2. Someday I'll be all grown up and get a real jewelry box. For now, I hang my necklaces on the back "bar" of a low bookshelf, throw earrings in a fancy bowl and throw my wedding rings in a different bowl (they get my very own version of special treatment).

    PS - I'm with Lin - that Barbie doll one is creepy.

  3. Well, my jewelry organization and storage would bore you to tears.....its all in little boxes, in a drawer. I haven't been wearing a ton of jewelry since having kidlets, but with my daughter big enough to not accidentally rip a piece off of me, I should start digging through there again! :> Love that first etsy wooden tree!!

  4. the tree won my heart :)

  5. I'd love some mannequin bodies and really nice decorative heads and then I'd display my best pieces.

    But as a jewellery designer you know to never hang beaded necklaces, bracelets etc because it can stretch the string or wire.

    Currently I have each set in ziplock bags all lined up in two draws of my tallboy. It keeps them away from hairspray etc and stops them discolouring faster than they need to. I also have them colour coded and single bits like all spare bracelets in a bag, or earrings or necklaces.