September 18, 2009

Fashionably Friday: Office Jewelry

This week my TiVo nearly died. No, not because it was malfunctioning, but because Fall Prime Time is in full swing and my poor little DVR was quite overwhelmed! For the past few months we have been going out of our way to find something to watch when we are folding laundry or making jewelry; now we have to actually edit what we watch because there are so many options! One show both my husband and I REALLY love, especially since I now work in an office, is, well, The Office! And last night Season Six began, and the cast was looking better than ever (and seem to just get funnier and funnier!).

One character I just heart on the show is Phyllis. Can you guess why? That woman wears some fierce jewelry! Unfortunately, she doesn’t get the internet love as much as other characters, so finding pictures of her in her digs was a bit of a challenge (let’s just say that I didn’t completely mind having to actually watch several episodes to get a glimpse of her jewelry… oh, the things I do for you all!). Here are some of my favorites (click on any of the images for the source):

(Oh, and sorry in advance for the font sizes going all over the place, I am proud that I at least got the video embedded!)

Here’s Phyllis from last night’s episode. She rocked this funky necklace (and always seems to coordinate it with the solid color of her top – you go, girl!).

This seriously, seriously looks like both something I would make and something that I actually own! From the Disco Café episode.
Sportin’ the long and chic look. I would totally wear this, too.
Phyllis makes browns and dark purples look good!

Phyllis (her real name is Phyllis, by the way!) actually commented on her character’s jewelry when NBC gave her her own bobblehead doll! Of her her Bobblehead, she said "She's got the clothes, and the hair, and the beads. As you know, Phyllis always wears beads!"

You can watch it here.

Take a look at that sexy bobblehead, too!

And let's not neglect the other ladies of the Office. Here a few pictures I found of them strutting BEAUTIFUL jewelry off the set:

Love this necklace that Jenna Fischer (Pam) is sporting. I might have to make one (especially if it could get me lookin’ like THAT – wowza).

Kate Flannery (Meredith) at the TV Land Awards in Santa Monica. Holy mother do I dig that necklace. And it’s especially perfect with that dress! I know that if I wore it, though, I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of it (I tend to suffer from “Always Needs Something In My Hand” syndrome).

I’ve already blogged about how I love when clothes act as jewelry. Mindy Kaling rocked this beautiful ensemble at the SAG awards this year, glowing in what seems to be diamonds and a beautiful crystallized dress. Love it! (You can also follow her on Twitter - she makes some great tweets)!

Though Angela’s character (also named Angela) on the office doesn’t prefer anything too ornate, the real Angela sure does know how to accessorize! Here she is doing a Clariol commercial (I don’t care if it was the wardrobe department who chose this, she looks great!).

Whew! That took me longer than I had expected! Why don't the internet gods just categorize pictures according to what jewelry people are wearing? It would make this so much easier! So, what on-screen jewelry are you digging this season? Do share!
Have a great weekend, lovies!


  1. I have never noticed the jewelry on the office characters!! You've opened my eyes to yet another reason why I LOVE THIS SHOW!! Fierce blog :-)

  2. i love phyllis too! i had no idea meredith in real life was so pretty! b/c on the show they make her look so terrible, haha.

  3. Phyllis does wear the cutest jewelry! And, wow...who knew meredith was such a hottie?

  4. I don't watch the show, but this post was great! I always notice the jewelry that people are wearing on TV. Sometimes, I yell at them for it. Don't you? :)

  5. this is does rock! i have never paid attention to phyllis's jewelery.i sure will now.

  6. I don't watch The Office, but I love that blue dress.

  7. I like the jewelry pieces of all ladies!! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Phyllis is my favorite character! Too cool.

  9. I don't watch The Office, but I sure do enjoy your jewelry review of the cast! Loving several of the long necklaces.......but, they may have to wait another year or so (wouldn't want a kidlet to mistake it for a swing, huh?!:>:>). :>

  10. I love the character of Phyllis. She's the voice of reason and calm on the show and she's so funny. She's probably the most intelligent one in the office too. I do notice Phyllis's beads when I watch too!