September 2, 2009

I love you, Wednesdays.

Love it or hate it, fall is nearing. Yellow school buses are circling the streets, the air has a little bite to it (well, not here in LA, the air lately has had ash and smoke in it), and football season is taking our men ransom (bleck!). The love it part includes new FALL LINES that are launching right and left! Since I am still rather new in this whole jewelry business thing, I am trying to approach my Etsy site and products from a professional and business-model point of view. Thanks to my little trip to LA's Jewelry District over the weekend and some of the sweet products I found, I have been working on many new items with materials I have never used before. In the past I have been so rushed to put up products that I never gave myself the chance to do anything thoroughly or with real cohesion. Rather than posting my new items on Etsy piece by piece, I am trying to do the whole "Fall Line" thing and hope to present them officially within the next few weeks (it's actually the Hubs who came up with the idea. We were shopping a few weeks ago and he came up to me with a new jewelry component and said "This would be great in your Fall Line!" He's a thinker, yes-sir-e!). I am especially working for cohesion in my pieces (something that my creative, smorgusboard tendancies often prevent). I keep hearing the judges from Project Runway in the back of my mind stress "Where is the cohesion? How are these pieces part of a 'line?'" "But Christyn!" you declare! "I can't wait a few weeks to see your new stuff! Oh the humanity!" No worries, friends! I have, and will continue to, post new items as amuse-bouch's for your Bead Up-Lovin' eyes :) Here are the first few pieces:

Pretty Green Shrubbery Gemstone Necklace

I love the color of this crazy little rectangular bead. I used black beads as accent pieces to match these itty bitty little black speckles on each very unique bead. It's defiantly a statement necklace, that's for sure!

Double Luck Brass Necklace

I bought these wishbone charms long before I even knew where I would find coordinating brass components. Now I have exploded with brass items and can't get enough! If I were to summarize this "Fall Line" of mine, I would characterize it with earthy colors (bronze, brass, browns) along side bright colors (magenta, lime, emerald, purples) and hammered and brushed textures. While browsing through Etsy, here are a few inspiring pieces I stumbled across that I think act as a perfect amuse-bouch for my Fall Line!
ShySiren, rosalba, ogdenarthaus, carrieWdesigns stilettoheights, lovelytallulah, lilliannamarie, tandscreations Make sure you visit these Etsy shops for more color inspiration!
So, what inspires you today?


  1. They're both fabulous!

  2. The writer in me adores your lead up and second paragraph!! You had me smiling and even a giggle escaped! :> Now, your last paragraph has me oooooo'ing and ahhhhh'ing and even a bit of a squeal may have escaped me! Looking oh so forward to what I am sure will be an absolutely fabulous Fall Line!!!

  3. I love your work!! Thank you for putting me in
    your Fall Line.........I am delighted. Have a very enjoyable day....December Lea Handbags & to all those fabulous artists on Etsy....just
    keep doing what you love and life will always be a PURE PLEASURE!........OX

  4. Hi Christyn,
    Thank you so much for including Ogdenarthaus in your Fall Line. Your blog is so entertaining and inviting; it's like sharing time with a kindred spirit. Tomorrow morning I am going to enjoy a cup of tea while catching up on your old posts.
    Kindest Regards,

  5. So, basically what you're saying is you're going to lure me in to buy that many more pieces from you in the coming months? I can already tell that links to your shop are going to be on my Christmas wish list... =)