September 4, 2009

Fashionably Friday: Padma Lakshmi

There are several advantages of summer fading into fall. Back to School stationary aisles in supermarkets. A lower electricity bill thanks to <100 degree days. Pumpkin and Cinnamon flavored candles. New Fall Lines (as discussed on Wednesday). Having every intention of shopping for others for the upcoming Holidays buy slipping and buying something for yourself (opps, what?!). And best of all - PRIME TIME SERIES! I tell ya, I am so happy to be reunited with my friends on Bravo, Fox, NBC, the CW, and now, apparently, Lifetime (Project Runway, of course). Most of the shows I like to watch make my husband want to curl up in a corner and curse humanity (though I feel the same way about his large doses of ESPN). One show we can both agree on, and even look forward to, is Top Chef. I've watched the series since before it was cool, and was SO relieved when they got rid of that weirdo judge on Season One and replaced her with the classy and gentle Padma Lakshmi. I could write a thesis on why she and fellow judge Tom Colicchio make such a great team that is not only knowledgeable, but a pleasure to watch. Not only are they cordial and unbiased in their judging, but, best and most interesting of all, they are some lookers! While Padma's style as seen on Top Chef has evolved over the years (Bravo has even made a slideshow of Padma's fashion evolution), one things hasn't changed: her love of jeweled accessories. This girls knows how to perfect an outfit with her dainty, yet often bold, jewelry. This season has been no exception, to the point where I was finding myself up close to the TV screen trying to figure out that magic behind some of her super dainty and charming necklaces and dangle earrings. (The above picture, for example, shows her and Tom at the judges table while she sports a gold bracelet/ring thing. Love it). All season she has been wearing beautiful gold chained necklaces adorned with little tags or beads, in addition to some great dangle earrings of the same material. For this reason, I've been planning on doing a Fashionably Friday blog entry about Padma for sometime now, and when I was looking for pictures of her on the show featuring her jewelry, I stumbled across an article revealing the designer of her jewelry - HERSELF! Turns out she just launched her own jewelry collection! Her website is BEAUTIFUL and displays both detailed images of her jewelry pieces as well as a gallery of her wearing the stuff and making it look GOOD! Padma's jewelry is currently on sale online at Bergdorf Goodman, and will also be available at Neiman Marcus, Mitchells, and Richards later this month (to be honest, I have only ever heard of the former two, which means that clearly these pieces are out of my price range - but that doesn't mean I can't admire them!).

Of her collection, Padma has said, “As I traveled through my life, I gathered many baubles and coveted those gifts passed on to me by my Indian family. My life in the West, America, and Europe, heavily influenced my tastes. I found that while I loved those pieces, I wanted more delicate, modern versions of them to wear with everything from jeans to gowns. Jewelry that serves as a talisman for all the different parts of me. And now every part of you."

Let's have a look! (all product and corresponding images can be found at

Tiered Pod Necklace

14k & 10k brushed yellow gold 4 tier necklace with pod drops and adjustable hook closure

According to Bergdorf Goodman, this item prices at $3,500!

Dangling Pod Bangle, Citrine Pod Bangle, Simple Pod Bangle

10k brushed yellow gold

Two Row Pod Hoop Earrings

14k & 10k brushed yellow gold two row hoop earrings with pod drops

Pod Hand Piece

14K & 10K brushed yellow gold hand piece with pod drops and adjustable hook closure

A smart jewelry seller knows that she is her own best advertising campaign. I now know from where, and why, Padma is wearing all these fine pieces! She's a smart cookie!
(from Left, Padma at the "Valkyrie"premier in NYC, at an unknown location, and at the CFDA Fashion Awards in NYC in June).
So check out her website and take a look at all she's sportin'. The site has a really chill yet sophisticated vibe and even some ambiance music in the background. And also check out her "scrapbook" section for some fun inspiration (click on the image below to see a close up of a collage featuring sketches and pictures... whether or not these were part of the creative process is not the point, but seeing the items in their original context is rad!).
Happy long weekend, y'all!


  1. I may just have to start watching this now! haha love that you send Hans running for cover. oh sweet fall line up!

  2. I've had a girl crush on Padma for some time now, who could blame me? And Tom? Tom is so yummy. I don't cook, and don't understand three quarters of what they make on the show or why everyone is eating so much raw meat, but I do love both Padma and Tom. Her jewelry is lovely, isn't it? But Padma could make raw meat look lovely. . .

  3. she is so gorgeous. i love the bangles!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks that the Season One cohost was a robot! She was strange... Padma does have the best style, very grounded for someone on Bravo ;-D

    I love her jewelry, and had no idea that she had her own site.

  5. I love Top Chef and Padma as well! What beautiful jewelry. I actually saw her showing it off on the Today Show a couple of weeks back. You keep designing and your jewelry will be $3,500 before you know it;). Or you can do that I prefer, design jewelry that is just as beautiful and classy as the really expensive stuff and make it more affordable so that common KY folk like me can buy it too:). Love ya, sister.

  6. Top Chef is a favorite of ours! And Padma is stunning. I didn't realize she has come out with her own line of jewelry. Thanks for sharing. :>

  7. Hello Padma, I just saw you on the "Today" show, and i loved your pod hand piece, so i came to the computer to see where i can buy it, and it is quite expensive. I thought you would make affordable price for EVERYONE. I'm sad because it is so much money for a bracelet, and it's not even 18K, it is a mixture of 14 and 10K. I've purchased jewerly in different countries and I think with all respect that your piece is quite pricy. I'm sad because I really wanted to buy it as a Christmas present for me. Well, i wish you can lower the prices down :( TAKE CARe and you look BEAUTIFUL as a pregnant lady :)