September 28, 2009

Preparing my Fall Line and for a Jewelry Party!

Welcome to Fall, Y'all! It's been a busy season in the Bead Up world, as I have been spending alot of my free time preparing for a jewelry party a friend is hosting for me in less than a month! This past weekend I got the invitations I designed in the mail (I did the text and my sorority sister Mary Ellen did the awesome illustration - make sure you check out her site!) I am really pleased with how they look! I passed about two dozen out to people at church yesterday alone, and am going to mail about two dozen more out and give the other 80 postcards to my co-sponsor Cheryl of Cupcakinitup! and the host of the event, Marla! Cupcakinitup! and I also spent a good part of Saturday taste testing chocolate frosting for the event, attending a decorating demo at Michaels, and choosing cupcake liners (pink zebra stripped!). I can't tell you how much fun this whole event has already been! At this point I have made over 100 necklaces and earrings for the event, yet my to-do list still seems endless! Anyone have any jewelry party ideas/tips that they would like to share? :) And to add to the fun, yesterday I got an e-mail asking if I would like to be a featured vendor at a local Christian school's Christmas fundraising event in December. Would I? Sign me up! Now I have even more of a reason to create in bulk! That said, it's been hard deciding what to post on Etsy and what to save for my party. I have decided to at least have my whole front page on Etsy be items from my Fall Line, so here are another 5 items I added today (all bird themed)! Let me know what you think! (Click on any of the images to see the listing on Etsy)...
Bird with the Yellow Rose necklace
Around the Blue Birdie Bend earrings
The Spirit's Grace Necklace
Bye Blue Birdie Brass Earrings
Bird Plaque with Pink Roses necklace


  1. This sounds like so much fun! Is the party in los angeles?

  2. Yes it is, Lin! Would love to have you come up from the OC to attend - and then we can meet, too! :)

  3. You're breaking out of your shell, my friend. Just remember us small people when you become rich and famous! =)

  4. This party is gonna rock!! I LOVE those tiny flowers! I feel like I keep saying that... but they're absolutely adorable :-)

  5. Your jewelry is quite unique. I like all of it. And I'm someone who doesn't generally like jewelry.

    Yours is different. Great job!