September 25, 2009

Fashionably Friday: XXI

I figured with the Emmy's this past weekend I would have plenty to blog about this Friday. Sadly, though, none of the red-carpeters walkers wore anything blog worthy when it comes to jewelry. Call me picky, but even InStyle's list of "Best Emmy Jewelry" left me totally underwhelmed. Seriously, no one's jewelry was even worth blogging about. ::sigh:: So then I figured I would finally blog about all the jewelry I have been noticing on TV this week. Not only have I not been able to find the images I hoped to snag (dang you copyright police!), but I really don't want to do prime time TV overkill. Next on my list was reviewing designer jewelry, but the prices associated with rather unoriginal or foolishly ornate pieces only frustrated me. So where does a 20-something girl turn to for inspiration (and financial bliss)?... Forever XXI* :)
No need to lie. About 75% of my wardrobe hails from the chain, and even some of my jewelry components are no more than a necklace or bracelet from the store that I tore apart and re-formated. What's just as impressive as the store itself is the crazy large selection of jewelry and accessories many of the locations carry (to the point of even opening up separate accessory stores, called Love 21). But, as always, with the good comes the bad. Let's look at some of what XXI offers online this fall...
Kalese Beaded Necklace - $13.80 I LOVE THIS. In fact, when I saw it at the XXI Outlet store in Anaheim, I was really close to buying it, but couldn't justify the $13.80! (and this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I make my own jewelry, because I am picky AND cheap!)
Tribal Rings Necklace - $5.80 So instead I bought this one, partially because it was half the price, but also because it posed the perfect opportunity to tear it apart! I added some of my own round wooden beads to the chain and kept the loopy things aside - look out for them in a future project!
Open Line Leaf Earrings - $2.80 I am really loving leaves this fall, and these earrings definitely incorporate both simplicity and decadence at the same time! (Um, and they are only $2.80!)
Translucent Bead Necklace - $5.80 Ok, here's a little disclaimer (and I may be shooting myself in the foot for it). I LOVE this necklace -partially because I JUST made one JUST like it for my jewelry party! Though this one is super cute, I am sure they didn't make it with LOVE like I did?!
Pear Shaped Collar - $8.80 Story: I saw a woman walking around the cafeteria at my work a few weeks ago with this necklace on. My first thought was that it was over the top and must weigh a ton. Then I saw her wearing it a few days later and found myself giving it a second chance. When placed with a simple top, this necklace can speak volumes. I can't believe that I like it, since I am the "less is more" type, but I give it a thumbs up (and for less than $9, really? Do we need to think twice about it?).
And the ones that make you say, "Yeah, not so much..."
Exotic Cluster Necklace - $15.80 Yes, this is a necklace. Looks like something off the walls of any given Vegas hotel. Ugh.
Look, Mom! I found a new use for that brooch you bought a double of! Moving Fish Scale Necklace - $6.80 Ok, so I used to go to this vegetarian restaurant on Nanjing Lu in Shanghai when I studied in China, and every time I got the bill they gave the EXACT SAME fish out on a key chain as a souvenir. Kind of like a fortune cookie, just, ya know, more permanent. Looks like something my husband would bring home from his fishin' trip with his guys, hook and all. The vegetarian in me cringes. Rectangle Dimpled Earrings - $4.80 Jem! Is truly outrageous! Truly truly outrageous! Multi Chains w/ Ribbon Necklace - $8.80 Um, 'scuse me? I think your boyfriend left his bow tie on your...necklace?.
Just think! You can get all of these for less than $50 - combined! Lesson of the day, ladies. Just because you CAN buy it doesn't mean you SHOULD! Ok, I think that settles it. My new dream job is to design jewelry for Forever 21. Both to make sure some of these "classic" looks never happen again, and to also get on board with some rad resources and endless possibilities - and, best of all, it would be on someone else's dollar!
Happy weekend, Fashionistas!
* A note about Forever XXI. I know some people have a problem supporting chain stores that get their materials from questionable sources. Unfortunately, I find that these same people also eat at restaurants that don't qualify where they get their supplies, and buy gas from mega-sized distributors. Just sayin'.


  1. As always, I'm loving your recap. In complete agreement with you about InStyle's best list ... though, I kinda adore Heidi's earrings. She's always styling ... though, I think they'd rip my ears off ... they look so heavy! hahaha. And my thoughts re. cheap jewelry ... just because the price tag says it's cheap doesn't mean it looks cheap ... plus, who's going to ask to see your receipt anyway!?

  2. I love the over the top jewelry too, sorry. But then I also occasionally wear a giant bullet wire wrapped necklace that I made, so I do have some drag queen in me.

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