September 10, 2009

Fashionably Friday: Statement Necklaces on "Sale"

So in light of last week's post on super chic, yet super pricey, Padma Lakshmi's new jewelry line, I wanted to dedicate this week's post to something a little more affordable. I originally intended on talking about some of the fun finds on, until I came across this interesting article from "" --- "Statement Necklaces under $150." "$150?" I thought to myself. These better be some darn niiiiiiiiiice statement necklaces for that amount of money (this is coming from the gal who just "splurged" on a $9.99 purse and a pair of boots for $16.99 at Ross!). So I took a look. What I found? Some Good, some Bad, and some just plain Ugly. I'll tell you my thoughts if you tell me yours! The Good:
Black Chiffon Flower Ribbon Necklace
A garland with a Goth aesthetic, this necklace is made of grosgrain ribbon accented with chiffon flowers. Flowers have raw edges and black gem centers.
$16 on
"OOOooooooooooooh," I literally said when I saw this necklace. Me likie. I can see this as a great accent piece to any simple white t-shirt or even formal dress. And the best part? It's only $16! I have seen similar necklaces for sale at Forever XXI, yet had never heard of this "Torrid" shop. I sent the link to a friend and told her to check it out (since she likes affordable trendy jewelry, too). She later snapped in shock: "Woman! It's a plus size shop!" Woops! Totally didn't mean anything suggestive by it, Nicole!
Ranuncula Necklace Tightly packed cotton voile petals, inset with gilded gems and strung between mixed chains. $42 at Anthropologie
The second necklace that the Stylelist originally listed wasn't available on Anthropologie's website for some reason, so this was the next best thing. And best indeed. I like it - ALOT. I wish I had thought of it - the combination of colors, the chain, and the delicate and beautiful flowers. And for $42, I think it would be an excellent Christmas wish-list item.
Floral Grid Necklace Acrylic, Base Metal setting, silver plated $125 at Banana Republic
Though I don't think I would buy this on a normal day, I certainly wouldn't buy it for $125. Especially since it's made of base metal and acrylic (in other words, fake stuff). Oh, BR, you do know how to over price yo' stuff. Don't think you can fool me for a second. However, that doesn't mean it's not totally cute. Especially in comparison to the following...
The Bad:
Stamped Circles Necklace Gold look stamped circles layered neckwear measuring 66cm in length. 100% Metal. $25 from "TopShop"
Arugh, me hearties. Bin turned me facebook settin's on to scurvy pirate mode this day hearty thanks to 'tis treasure chest 'o a necklace. Never run out 'o doubloons fer th' parkin' meter again! (translation courtesy of this website - hilarious)!
Cluster Necklace A modern cascade of interconnecting golden chain links and smoky lucite hexagons. 17"L with lobster claw clasp. Was $39, now $34 on Spiegel
Makes me want to eat the 80's-tastic Honeycomb cereal. Looks like a bulls eye for stingers!
Carmen Cabochon Necklace Faceted cabochon-style stones with rhinestone accents. Hematite-colored chain. $58 by Guess by Marciano
This isn't a total fail... totally... I feel that it's trying to be statement-y yet is lacking a "ka-pow!" element to it. In fact, it looks a little cheap and tacky, if you ask me. And for $58, well, you probably already know where I stand...!
Antique Gold Manor Necklace A wonderfully lush necklace, dripping with dozens of various-size resin beads hand painted in metallic hues to evoke an antique glass effect. 12K shiny, textured gold-plated double oval ring brass chain. Signature spring clasp closure.
I really, really, really don't like the first necklace. It looks like seaweed or some kind of growth from the underworld. However, when I noticed that they also offer it in a bronze color, my heart softened a bit. Then it went back to cold thanks to the $128 pricetag. Ugh.
And the Ugly:UO Mixed Media Necklace Short bib statement necklace with braided fabric and faceted stud detailing. Finished with a lobster claw clasp. Exclusive to Urban Outfitters. Imported. Wipe clean. Was $34, now $19 from Urban Outfitters
So I went back to the 80's and brought back this poop brown piece of rope from when rope bracelets were cool. Then I added some poop brown beads in between, ya know, to give it an urban flair. Then I used the most plain and boring imitation silver clasp I could find to, ya know, give it some chic. And of course it's exclusive to Urban Outfitters because, well, no one else wanted it. But no worries! We've put you, the customer, in mind and lowered the price to $19! That's $15 in savings - you can buy one for you AND your friend! And all you have to do is "wipe clean!" Makes a great dog leash or boating accessory, too!
Ok, now that I've gotten that outta me, I am off to enjoy the weekend. Hope you have a fabulous one, too!


  1. LOL Christyn!! Thank you for that! Friday deserves a good laugh and I'm so glad I popped on over here. Fabric and fibers are everywhere and I'm loving it! (And I'm not even much of a sewer!!!) Hope you are halfway through your workday and leading up to a fantastic weekend!! :>

  2. That Cabochon one reminds me STRONGLY of Jewel Secrets Barbie, for some reason. It totally looks like costume jewelry, I guess.

  3. Kate - hilarious! Totally, totally on target!

  4. First, Top Shop is a British store and the prices are listed in pounds. Therefore, that necklace is more like $40 ... move it to the ugly! =)

    And finally, you know what I think? I think I like your necklaces a helluva lot more than any of these. Just saying...

  5. Did you get my email reagrding adoption?

  6. Oh my goodness that last necklace is UGLY! good grief. Great taste on the good picks, I must say. :-D

  7. What surprises me is how much of this stuff is made with plastic! Eeeeeeek! And at those prices, mass produced in China, probably? No, thanks, I'll just make something.

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  9. I have cotton voile so I think I am going to make the Rannuculus necklace. It will cost me a heck of a lot less!